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  1. Old_SSSC_Guy

    The Seed Bank Catalog #03 1987

    The last catalog from the Seed Bank and shows "1986/1987 Edition" but was postmarked in Sept 1985. Possibly it was because they were accelerated for their time. :hubba:
  2. Old_SSSC_Guy

    The Seed Bank Catalog #02 1986

    Their second catalog was disappointing compared to the first color catalog. Both SSSC and The Seed Bank put out copy-paper editions of their second catalogs.
  3. Old_SSSC_Guy

    The Seed Bank Catalog #01

    Here is the first "The Seed Bank" catalog from 1985. Twelve pages, the complete original.
  4. Old_SSSC_Guy

    Sacred Seeds Catalog 1985

    Thought that other history & strain buffs might enjoy seeing an original Sacred Seeds catalog from 1985. Have all SSSC and Seed Bank catalogs as well, will be posting them here too. Hope you enjoy!
  5. Old_SSSC_Guy

    Two new superfluous grow room toys

    Recently got 2 new toys for my grows which are so cool I thought I'd recommend them... Grow Room Glasses: Saw these mentioned on the net and wanted a pair - but they were selling for like $100 a piece. Found that the same thing on Ebay for $20 as "Lumii Growroom Glasses" and jumped on a...
  6. Old_SSSC_Guy

    SSSC Sativa Genetics to SnowHigh Seeds

    Hoped the board might tolerate another personal announcement about some old rare SSSC genetics potentially being reborn. Happy to now say that SnowHigh Seeds has taken on the second phase of trying to breathe life into old genetics. Their owner (commonly known online as Snow) has received a...
  7. Old_SSSC_Guy

    SSSC Genetics to SickMeds Seeds

    Hoped the board might permit a personal announcement about some old rare genetics potentially being reborn. In the late 1980's I was a US shipper for an Amsterdam seed company named The Super Sativa Seed Club (SSSC). When the SSSC went dark at the end of the 80's I kept a portion of the...
  8. Old_SSSC_Guy

    What is the lowest night temperature in your flower room?

    Now that summer is over and cold air becomes available for free again, I have been revisiting my lights-off temperature in the flower room. Could folks chime in and mention what their best target temp is during lights out in a flower room? I usually aim for the low 60's or high 50's.
  9. Old_SSSC_Guy

    How often to you regenerate the mother?

    I've been using a couple of mothers (from seed) for maybe 6+ months now. They are getting too tall and way too bushy, and it looks like its time to regenerate new moms. Made be curious about... How often do you regenerate a fresh mother plant from one of its babies?
  10. Old_SSSC_Guy

    Did anyone go to the last Spannabis in Barcelona?

    Hoped that someone in the forum might have actually attended the last Spannabis in Barcelona? I've looked through all the Youtuve videos from the convention and can't seem to find any footage of one breeder who had a booth there. Thought that if I was lucky someone here might have been and...
  11. Old_SSSC_Guy

    Why do my clones take longer to root than other people?

    Up until recently I thought I cornered the trophy for "Worst Cloning Person of All Time". Over the years I tried just about every hormone and technique on the market and always felt I must be missing something. High humidity/low humidity, warming mat/no warming, distilled water/tap water, 18...
  12. Old_SSSC_Guy

    Bummed: more bad seed from Attitude - bad Kaliman!

    I am so bummed out. Planned for a "Great American Cheese Off" using Kaliman Cheese, Kaliman Rockstar, and HFS Cheese. Ordered the beans (and some Paradise Seeds Twilight) from Attitude. Once again, maybe the 4th or 5th time from Attitude, the seeds are simply bad. The Kaliman Cheese #1...
  13. Old_SSSC_Guy

    BBC: How can you spot a cannabis farm in your street?

    The BBC helps to track down covert grows - or helps growers avoid tracking, depending on your perspective: hXXp:// Although the same things might help you find a brothel, an addicted computer gamer's house, or a spy's communications outpost on your very...
  14. Old_SSSC_Guy

    Video of LEO looking for grows in the UK

    Came across this YouTube video of a helicopter in the UK being used to do random daytime snoops for "cannabis factories" in the UK. They actually are getting search warrants based only on the heat signature of a grow!?!?! hXXp:// They can't do this in the USA because...
  15. Old_SSSC_Guy

    My 420th post, on 4/20 at 4:20

    Had to keep my mouth shut for weeks to get this post on the mark. A HAPPY 420 TO ALL!
  16. Old_SSSC_Guy

    Satori grow #1

    After hearing so many wonderful things about Mandala's Satori here on MP from THG, I couldn't resist trying some. This has not been my best grow (no fault of the strain) but definately not my worst. A pack of 10 was wetted on 9/12/11, yielding 8 germinated and 2 terminal. Each was put into...
  17. Old_SSSC_Guy

    What's happened to Homegrown Fantaseeds?

    At Attitude most of the strains bred by Homegrown Fantaseeds are now out of stock or discontinued. I wrote Attitude to ask why, was told only "give your email address to be notified when back in stock" (i.e. they did not read my message). Wrote HF and asked the same question - no answer...
  18. Old_SSSC_Guy

    Medical Marijuana Crackdown

    Listen to the Kojo Nnamdi Show right now, they are talking about medical marijuana in DC hxxp://thekojonnamdi...juana-crackdown California legalized medical marijuana 15 years ago, a move that runs counter to the federal government's prohibition of the drug. Recently, the tension between state...
  19. Old_SSSC_Guy

    Dutch classify high-potency marijuana as hard drug

    AMSTERDAM (AP) — The Dutch government said Friday it would move to classify high-potency marijuana alongside hard drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy, the latest step in the country's ongoing reversal of its famed tolerance policies. The decision means most of the cannabis now sold in the...
  20. Old_SSSC_Guy

    Problems on the site with IE9

    A couple of weeks ago I upgraded my PC to Win 7 and its upgraded IE 9. Since then I found that IE9 will not work with the "New Posts" option here on MP. It tells you that no new posts were found. I logged out, deleted cookies, cleared cache, etc and nothing helped. Then today I came back to...