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  1. Fiction

    Closet Grow Just for Kicks.

    Hi MP, Last month was my first time posting on here in a long time. Wanted to reintroduce myself and give a quick run down on what I had planned for my small closet grow. I got a lot of great replies and want to thank everyone that replied for the welcoming. I also wanted to wait until I had...
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    Hi MP! Old newb here.

    Hey MP, It's been almost 10 years but I'm back! I just started a small personal project and thought I'd be fun to document it on MP where it all began for me. Alot has happened in the years since my first grow but I never lost my passion for our favorite plant. I'm now 10 years older...
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    Its been so long!

    Whas up MP? I know I'm technically not new here but Its been so long and so much has changed I feel the need to reintroduce myself. Great to see how much the community has grown.
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    anyone else use these?

    Their made outta all natural ingredients, flavorless, super smooth and clear! My new fav papers
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    surrounded by great strains!

    Sorry I juss had to share my excitment for all the great stuff goin around here in nyc. Theirs Jack Herrera, NYC Diesel, and too much Haze. =P seems like all the local dealers are steppin up there game.
  6. Fiction

    Doin it again..

    Starting My second's what I have goin. After the first grow decided to switch from promix to a hydro set up. Not sure what this kind of system is called. Had the idea from a friend to build it. works for him so ima give it a try. Also added a vent to my 400w hood, 300cfm fan and...
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    baking soda?

    Is it safe to use baking soda and vineger as a ph buffer in yur res tank?
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    Weeds Billboard Robbed lol

    I've been away for awhile so I'm not sure if anyone has posted these videos up already but check them out if u havent..its funny. I think I woulda had to do the same if they put that billboard up near me.:D
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    gettin out the dirt

    Hey stoneybud,I was just reading one of your post where you mentioned being heavy into design and I would like to ask you for your advice. I'm entering the last month of my first grow and for my next I'd like to switch to hydro instead of the promix n pots im using now. Hydro seems to be alot...
  10. Fiction

    A tree grows in brooklyn

    Pot pushers are sparking reefer madness in a Brooklyn neighborhood, where disapproving denizens are fighting to keep locoweed out of their gardens. Instead of harvesting summer tomatoes, Dyker Heights residents have been turning up stashes of marijuana in their vegetable patches. The problem...
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    Here's some pics of the superblunt..:D
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    whas up with the different light colors?

    Ok so I have a 400watt hps and its been workin great, it burns in a beautiful white light...recently i purchased another economy 400watt hps off ebay...when i plug it burns in an orange color sorta like a street light...did i get ripped off with a light that burns the wrong color...
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    Has anyone seen this link?

    Awesome grow-op
  14. Fiction

    newbie grow

    Finally recieved all our goods. Germing our seeds! will keep updated...heres some pics.
  15. Fiction

    too much light?

    :confused: is their such thing as too much light? i ordered a 400w hps from ebay and im having trouble actually getting it. So Im thinking of pickin up a 1000w for my growroom which is only 9 sq ft. Would that be too much lighting?
  16. Fiction

    Pot Found growing on Lawn of fedreal Court house. haha June 13, 2006 (SIOUX FALLS, S.D.) - After reporters pointed out that wild marijuana, commonly called ditch weed, was growing on the lawn at the federal courthouse in Sioux Falls, the greenery was eliminated. City officials and a...
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    newbie germ technique.

    Got the idea from grunt's technique and it works. (thanks Grunt!) So I figured to germinate seeds all u need is moister/air/warmth So I found this plastic packaging and used a moist napkin and the heat from the back of my laptop. I closed the lid to retain moister and made sure to open it once...
  18. Fiction

    "The Church"

    About five years ago in New York City their was this strain going around for about a month only known as "The Church". As I remember it, it was a very dense sticky bud coated with a white layer of crystals/hairs. Smelled like church ashes. Smoked it with a friend got laid out and My question...
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    Codename: Fiction Age: Early 20s Location: New Amsterdam Favorite Strain: NYC Diesel Experience: 8 years smoking soon to be cultivating.. Although this isn't my first post here on MP...I didnt realize this whole section exsisted on the forum so I never got to introduce myself although I've...
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    Newbie Grow Journal.

    Almost ready to begin our grow. Put together our hydrohut and a 80cfm inline exhaust fan with duct work. Still waiting on other supplies (400watt HPS...etc) Here's some pics of what we have so far. Hopfully get growing by june 1st. will keep u guys updated..any feedback will be helpful//thanks!