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  1. fruity86

    buds seem small

  2. fruity86

    Fruity's Big Grape Small Scrog grow

    clone's are rooted and have been in the system since Saturday the 25th, i will update at 1 week veg, also started out at a high ec this time and they have responded really well first grape grow week 1 veg 1.5ml A 1.5ml B 1.5ml B52 EC 1.52 week 2 veg 2.0ml A 2.0ml B 2.0ml B52 EC...
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    Rock Wool & Cloning

    hi i personally dont like the small 1" cubes they are to small and dont stand up on there own they also dry out that little bit quicker, the 1.5" are the way to go for me, once rooted then into a 4x4 cube or what ever you choice to use. i use the 4x4 cubes because my system is NFT and the...
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    where to get a two - three way spliter

    do you mean something like this go to ebay and paste this number 330880533510 peace fruity
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    Fruity's Big Grape Small Scrog grow

    hello peeps very late update i chopped the grapefruit down at 8 weeks it is now dry. There was a total of 5.5oz again, i think next time il try bigger square's in the mesh 3"x3", i noticed that the buds around the outside were harder then those direct under the light where it was tight for...
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    Why No Smell Or Taste

    im with jaam most of the auto i have done have been on the weak side smell wise, there has been the odd stinky girl i would say its plant genetics, i wouldn't think you could do anything to end up with no smell, that would be a dream for the commercial cropper, you could fill your back garden up...
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    Fruity's Big Grape Small Scrog grow

    hey jaam nice see you still around, it seems alot of peeps have moved on from here and alot of new members joined since i was last around, ive been busy moving and business stuff but im back now lol peace fruity
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    Fruity's Big Grape Small Scrog grow

    cheers guys peace fruity
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    Buying my ppm and ph pens

  10. fruity86

    First grow

    and the real fun begins frosty
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    Fruity's Big Grape Small Scrog grow

    hello guys we are currently at day 52 with the big grapes bit of a late update but better late the never. pics are from day 49 when i started the flush they will be coming down in the 10 days give or take, clones will be tuck today from the mother and should be well rooted when these are down...
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    scrog question

    hi i grow scrog with a 250 hps i veg under the screen till arond 3/4 full then flip, i continue to feed the shoots under the screen untill they are around 2 weeks into bloom or the screen is full, in an ideal world id aim for all my buds to end up at 8inch but that is with a 250hps you could go...
  13. fruity86

    sweet tooth under t5 gro like a pro doctors lab NO TRASPASAR STOPSKY kush4less

    to the beach nice, i took my lad on his little 50 quad the other day :cool: it was blowing a gale here in Wales good old British weather pics ? peace fruity
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    First grow

    cool man i think it is the best i have tryed so far, and ive grow every way but SOG as i didnt like the idea of having 20 plants and getting charged when i could have 4 and pull the same with a little more veg time. i have a calendar that i have written down all my feed's, trimming's, EC etc i...
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    First grow

    WOW man nice i jumped into the scrog world on my last grow not for peeps that dont like cutting lots of plant of lol, but well worth the effort in the end. how big are the gaps mine are 2x2 and i have a total of 96 square which all have 1 bud site in each hole currently at 6 weeks flower now
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    FarmToTable Multi Strain

    HEY FTT green mojo from start to finish
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    Fruity's Big Grape Small Scrog grow

    hey Dr thanks for stopping in mate :cool: ok guys not 6 weeks but close enough hehe pics from last night at 40 days girls have been neglected a little this last week due to me working hard lol :eek: anyway they are still looking fine and growing well even tho the nutes did get a little...
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    Fruity's Big Grape Small Scrog grow

    hello guys and thanks for the comment THG nice to see you still around Dr they are 5 weeks 4 days today heres some pics from 5 weeks, i will get some bud shots when they hit 6 weeks there starting to sugar up and fill out now heres the pics:D peace fruity edit mrs fruity counted 82 good sized...
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    sweet tooth under t5 gro like a pro doctors lab NO TRASPASAR STOPSKY kush4less

    i love sticky ladies to LOL :D looking good Dr peace fruity
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    White Fire (WiFi) at the Chop...

    sorry to hear that i hope she gets better peace fruity