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  1. Mountain209man

    1st time indoors

    Just got an Apollo 4x4x7 tent and 10 Berkeley OG. Put into lightly amended happy frog. added some coco, neem meal, kelp meal, alpha meal, bone meal, mykos, and some eposoma bio- tone starter. Plan to veg for a cpl weeks in 2.5 gallon then flower. Currently running 1 600w hydro galaxy led. The...
  2. Mountain209man

    Multiple crosses

    Made some crosses with my northern lights Afghan I got from pyramid seeds 4 years ago. Had very vigorous veg and nice stretch. Big dense flowers cured up cheesy as ****. Have grown for these here in central CA with nice results and this year made crosses. My NL#5 x Afghan male to many feminized...
  3. Mountain209man

    Pot prison

    Billboard Damian Marley Is Converting a California Prison into a Pot Farm: Exclusive Damian Marley on Sept. 26, 2016 at the former Claremont Custody Center in Coalinga, CA, which is being converted into a cannabis grow facility. Photo: B+ 10/3/2016 by Andy Gensler Bob Marley's youngest...
  4. Mountain209man

    8x8 raised 18 ich beds

    Have had long time since been around but have been keeping it very green central sierras
  5. Mountain209man

    need dank pollen in california

    Does anyone know of a club in the bay area whom carries specific pollen for breeding projects??? I need pollen to cross with some chocolopes and also some superlemon crosses would be nice too..
  6. Mountain209man

    Cali chronicles

    Starting thread to monitor progress on the ladys Greenhouse starts on 3/11 Stacked kush(DNA) Chocolope(DNA)
  7. Mountain209man

    Desperate not to buy meds

    so i had a godbud clone that flowered early on me for no reason but its started about 3 weeks early so it gives me a chance to pull off the very nice bottom branch. its only at 34 days of flower but I dont have much medicine so this plants early maturity comes as a welcomed surprise
  8. Mountain209man

    Hurricanes and Wild Fire

    while everbody on the east is dealing with this Irene gal im sittin out in clifornia baking in the sun. the last couple days have been hard to bear with weather in the high 90s and still going up into the weekend. Now there is a 1000+ acre fire that has shut down many people entrance to yosemite...
  9. Mountain209man

    stealth auto

    i went to a cuzins house whom i gifted some random autoflower seeds from a friend of a friend and had no idea wat they would produce. my cuz started 5 beans, 4 in a 10 gallon pot an this one in a 3 gallon solo. in the 10 gallon there where 2 male 2 female and this female in the 3 gallon. he...
  10. Mountain209man

    Master kush losing the battle

    I had a mite problem on two of my six plants in my "secondary" garden. God Bud and the Master Kush where treated twice and mites where gone...and then they resurfaced only on the master kush and has yet to respond to many types of treatment. The last hope i have for this now badly infected plant...
  11. Mountain209man

    Tea Recipes

    for the veg state i will put in sum organic fish emulsion mexican bat guano peruvian seea bird guano mycro from roots organic ancient amber(humic acid) and sum rock dust(trace minerals)
  12. Mountain209man

    65 gallon smart pots

    the r a couple purp urks a death star kushage blue widow blue hash super skunk to name a few:D plenty updates to come
  13. Mountain209man

    lowlife mix seed(thefastlife)

    just got the picture thing down and thought could share this ones little life with y'alls. the first pic was taken 5/13 and the second about two and a half weeks ago will get more recent pic posted soon
  14. Mountain209man

    y so hard to post pics

    i have tried cropping and all kinds of effects on my images but can never dumb them down enough to fit on this site. can anyone help???? plz can get them to about 600mb but still tooooo big wat the ****????? have been having this problem for while and feel the need to share
  15. Mountain209man

    my mountain side

    on the bottom right we have barneys sweet tooth next to a grape god some slh ww not pictured here also g13 haze