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  1. Tattered Old Graywolf

    Reflux columns for producing 190 proof ethanol

    Hi ya'll, a follow up to my article on producing ethanol from scratch, demonstrating the easy way to 95% 190 proof purity.
  2. Tattered Old Graywolf

    Introduction to Short Path Distillation

    Here's a link to a Short Path Distillation article by Erich Berkovitz on Graywolf's Lair:
  3. Tattered Old Graywolf

    Lab Cookery

    Lab Cookery Who says working in a lab has to be dull or sentence you to boring sack lunches?? Hee, hee, hee, check out my threads on building a mobile test sled and using it for cooking food stuff under vacuum and sous vide using aluminum beads. Here is the test sled: GrayWolfsLair The Sous...
  4. Tattered Old Graywolf

    190 Proof Ethanol from scratch

    For those of ya'll medical patients with limited funds or where big brother is protecting you from yourself by proscribing ethanol above 150 proof, here is a way to make your own 190 proof ethanol for extraction and formulation from scratch: 10.19 190 Proof Ethanol from scratch
  5. Tattered Old Graywolf

    Field testing the MedXtract Essential

    Hee, hee, hee, good fortune smiled upon the Tattered Old Graywolf and I had the opportunity to run another vacuum still like I stole it, this time a MedXtracts Essential. Here's a link with the details:
  6. Tattered Old Graywolf

    Field testing the EtOH Pro

    While I participated in beta testing Extract Crafts Turbo vacuum still back in 2016, alas I missed that opportunity when they were beta testing their EtOH Pro unit, so imagine my joy and amazement when I got a shot at testing their production unit. The opportunity came at a propitious moment...
  7. Tattered Old Graywolf

    Cannabis Extraction Thermodynamics 101

    Here are some handy numbers for calculating cooling loads when extracting using BHO or Ethanol:
  8. Tattered Old Graywolf

    Cannabis Extraction Thermodynamics 101

    Here are some handy numbers for computing cooling requirements when extracting cannabis using LPG or QWET:
  9. Tattered Old Graywolf

    Universal pump laws

    Let’s discuss universal pump laws! There is a lot of discussion about which recovery pump is best suited for our application and my first thought is to ask which one of our applications?? Different processes and budgets have different needs. While our industry got started using pumps...
  10. Tattered Old Graywolf

    The Mk III Evolution and ancillaries

    Check out the new Mk III Evolution designs:
  11. Tattered Old Graywolf

    Hi ya'll! Tattered Old Graywolf checking in!

    Hi ya'll! The enrollment system informed me that the name Graywolf was already taken, so Tattered Old Graywolf here, aka Graywolf, aka Fadedawg, aka FB James Ellis, in case of us'n getting confused for one another. My thanks to Boo. for bringing MP to my attention and to Putembk for the...