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  1. Hippie420

    The Original Old Farts Club

    Beer thirty. See ya's when I'm seeing double.
  2. Hippie420

    Has anyone tried water curing?

    I remember reading an article a hundred years ago about what I guy called water curing. He'd take an aquarium, fill it 3/4ths full of water, heat it to 100F, put his buds in a tupperware dish with holes drilled in the lid, and float it for a few days. When he pulled the lid off, the buds had...
  3. Hippie420

    Island Of Misfits

    Yep. She's been my snuggle buddy for 47 years. Which one is your favorite? We call that the Dutch oven. It'll get me a hard punch in the ribs.
  4. Hippie420

    Devils Tower

    Have to taste like h ell.
  5. Hippie420

    Has anyone tried water curing?

    Never tried it, but I'll be watching to see if you do.
  6. Hippie420

    Giggys what you listening to

    Hi gang. This is Casey Waste'em, and I've got a request from our fearless leader, Pute. Pute says, "Casey, I'm tired of all this hippie crap and weird stuff these guys are always playing. Can ya help a feller out and play some good ole ass kickin' country?" Ask and thy shall receive, my friend.
  7. Hippie420

    The Original Old Farts Club

    Found a toy for Boo.
  8. Hippie420

    White Widow (Dutch Passion) and GG grow - BobHasBurgers

    Looks fine to me.
  9. Hippie420


    How long are you supposed to spray them?
  10. Hippie420

    Second timer here, hello!

    Damn! That looks painful. Hope you're on the mend.
  11. Hippie420

    The Original Old Farts Club

    Get used to it. That's the way a lot of places have been doing for a year or more. I order a lot of crap online, and it seems like I get a shipping label announcement two or three days before they ever bother to ship the damned thing. Cali and New York are the absolute worst as far as shipping...
  12. Hippie420

    Island Of Misfits

    G'night, fellow Islanders. Here's to clear skies and smooth sailing tomorrow.
  13. Hippie420


    Happy Birthday, Snow!
  14. Hippie420

    starting a new grow in a few days

    Do tell.
  15. Hippie420

    The Original Old Farts Club

    I was more afraid he'd gobbled a lizard that he shouldn't have. I had Vlad, my biggest Borzoi, do the same thing. If I hadn't seen him a little while beforehand with a toad in his mouth, he'd have gone straight to emergency. He never chomped on a toad again.
  16. Hippie420

    Island Of Misfits

    First show of the last season of Walking Dead is on at 21:00.
  17. Hippie420

    The Original Old Farts Club

    Fingers crossed for your pup. Might have ate something while you looked away for a nano second.
  18. Hippie420

    The Original Old Farts Club

    I'd go nuts without a tree line to head for when shit hit the fan. I know FLIR would spot most, but I've got this magic suit......;)
  19. Hippie420

    Island Of Misfits

    Yard mowed, dumped two 20L Avian cans in the plow Jeep, (the wife) found the garage door remote, and the world's lovely. I'm hoping the gas prices go down a bit so I can top the Jeep off and fill the two empty cans and maybe one of the plastic 5 gallon ones for the Deere. Gonna have a mess of...