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  1. spunom

    Auto's Done Carty's Way

    I can tell when I'm not wanted. I'll step aside and stay there. Sorry.
  2. spunom

    Auto's Done Carty's Way

    Good advice that I've already taken lol. I'll leave the transplant advice to Carty.. but for what it's worth, transplanting causes stress that is unnecessary with a feminized plant that will develope just as strong of a root ball in the 2 gallon that it will if started in the one gallon.
  3. spunom

    Auto's Done Carty's Way

    I know you didn't ask me, but I asked the same question. If you have fem seeds, it is ok to start in the 2 gallon.
  4. spunom

    Second timer here, hello!

    I'm digging your grow man. I just started two autos in the twice as big. I tried mainlining once. I had to sacrifice that one because the other one was LST and I ran out of room for two. About the same stress as yours. Looks like you're on track for a good garden. When you say you started...
  5. spunom

    Island Of Misfits

    I'm just tuning back in y'all. Me ex said try her calamari one time. Meh. This dude at work got me to try fried oyster. Nope. I'd try cow balls if I saw you eat one first lol. Dude... I'm down.
  6. spunom

    Buddy's porch plant

    Does anyone else see the house worriedly looking at the monster coming out of the ground? Sign of overfeeding?
  7. spunom

    Hey there

    Shyt girl... You grow 10 times better than me... I KNOW yours will be stellar.
  8. spunom

    Hey there

    I've only ever grown two plants without topping and LSTing. One was a photo, and the other was this auto here. When I ordered the auto seeds, I expected a runt looking plant with maybe a half O of dried medicine. This lil bicht grew no less in height (a full 38 inches) and more in fullness...
  9. spunom

    Hey there

    🎶Harvest Day🎶
  10. spunom

    Hey there

    Sooo today is 90 days from sprout. Not sure when harvest time is, but I believe it's getting close.
  11. spunom

    Boo's world

    Sorry pute... I had to 😆
  12. spunom

    Who all is taking the Covid19 Vax?

    The fker is back in isolation 😂 Again 😂😂 "This happens in rare cases" - J.B. No. This happens when you suppress your fkn immune system and don't let your body do it's fkn job. Now there's a shot being developed for the Voltron or whatever variant. It's funny how it's taking soooo much longer...
  13. spunom

    Satisfactory time frames

  14. spunom

    need help with my girls

    I wish I could be more help Mr. Boo, but I lack the knowing. You've helped me on my path in more ways than one, and I hope I can someday reciprocate it back to ya. I hope you come across the answer good Sir.
  15. spunom

    Auto's Done Carty's Way

    I reckon mine is a 90 day strain. I'm going on 12 weeks this Tuesday, and I'm still mostly cloudy/alot of clear with very few amber.. I've been feeding AN 3 part since I asked folks what was wrong with my plant (thank you to y'all wonderful folks who helped me). I started getting foxtails last...
  16. spunom

    need help with my girls

    I had two things going on... My water line was too high on my wick causing rot and fungus gnat larvae we're attacking the roots in the planter. The plant showed signs of heat stress but it kept getting worse after I opened the tent up and raised the lights. Then I started getting light green...
  17. spunom

    need help with my girls

    My green crack looked exactly like. It was a root problem in my case.
  18. spunom

    What is in your backyard?

    Aye... Passion flowers. I call them maypops like they did here long ago. Call them what you will... I'm gonna enjoy a bountiful harvest lol
  19. spunom

    Hey there

    Going on 10 weeks. It was rough for a bit there, but thanks to you fine people... I'm going to have a good harvest. Love. Still a ways to go, but here she is in all her camouflage glory 😂😂