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  1. N.E.wguy

    Chronic long term Lyme Help?

    Hai.. Been a whilesince i been on here. But i really need help with possible treatments for chronic Lyme for some one in my life who also suffers from extensive additional medical issues. Babesia Bartonella Mycoplasma Erhlicia TBRF Dyautonomia Neuropathy VGKC Anyone have any info on possible...
  2. N.E.wguy

    Albuquerque baby receives hemp oil for epilepsy at Children's Hospital Colorado Team Oscar Contreras , Kyle Horan 12:07 PM, Feb 13, 2016 3:52 AM, Feb 15, 2016 AURORA, Colo. - A baby girl who began...
  3. N.E.wguy

    Amblyseius swirskii

    Anyone ever heard or used these little bad boys ? Amblyseius swirskii are an excellent beneficial mite for preventative control of thrips, whitefly and various mite species. A. swirskii adults resembles Amblyseius cucumeris in appearance and take on the color of what they are consuming. Adult...
  4. N.E.wguy

    Recreational marijuana is now officially legal to smoke and grow for Massachusetts re

    7 News WHDH BOSTON (AP) — Recreational marijuana is now officially legal to smoke and grow for Massachusetts residents 21 and older, though there are a number of restrictions that could land users in trouble. The ballot question approved by voters Nov. 8 is scheduled to go into effect...
  5. N.E.wguy

    budder what do u put it on..?

    I am a big budder person. I rather have the effect and not the smoke. So I usually use it on toast or pasta. Today I tried budder on toast, about 1/8 a stick think it was 10gs on scale. Any way toasted wheat bread oiled them with budder added off the shelf Parmesan cheese and off the shelf...
  6. N.E.wguy

    Thank You MP :)

  7. N.E.wguy

    CNN Cannabidiol | Weed | CBD Hemp Oil Special Dr Sanjay Gupta 2014 Documentary
  8. N.E.wguy

    the run

    no idea where this will go but feel the need to make a thread rather then spam in Dr.'s lol everyone is welcome to post in here. Alot of you know me i was around a bit learned every thing i know here and have always shown what i have learned here so. This Grow is a special one, i originally...
  9. N.E.wguy

    e-GoT pen and CBD

    anyone use this with the Miracle Smoke 30% cbd liquid?
  10. N.E.wguy

    Ménière’s disease - anyone know of this

    Betahistine is used for the treatment of it ? hmpp:// really need to know if there is mmj related treatments for this or is only pharma good for it? ty mp and i figure post here as it will most likly ben seen by most, move if it should be in...
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    very good read hxxp:// Over the years, I’ve talked to clinicians about why the self is rarely mentioned in treating patients who suffer from mental illnesses that damage their sense...
  12. N.E.wguy

    anyone run any Apollo Horticulture

    bought cause was half price of htg and i already know what u get from htg so i ordered this via ebay Apollo Horticulture 600 Watt 600w MH HPS Grow Lights Digital System Set[Cool Tube,1 HPS & 1 MH Each]...
  13. N.E.wguy

    time to grow I.D food :P

    FEMA recently ordered 420 million survival meals. Why? FEMA is scared that people will hoard survival food because it is the #1 most critical item in a crisis. Control the food supply and you control the people. I’ve found 4 warning signs that show that a major food crisis is on our...
  14. N.E.wguy

    japanese maple cloning?

    I love these trees, I know they self seed well but can I cut a branch and clone these. love they would be the best cover for mj ;) as it looks the same just red
  15. N.E.wguy

    What 10 things would You do if you had 4 yrs to live?

    just add em as them come to you if u have to ;) 1. give my wife more love 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. I am here on borrowed time and often wonder how much time some one gave me.
  16. N.E.wguy

    must watch imo

    hxxp:// 28:40 don't tax my meds! Treating Emphysema - COPD with Medical Cannabis 31:37
  17. N.E.wguy

    Emphysema (COPD)

    Well more bad news for me.. I have Emphysema Nothing Known to slow or Cure it (COPD) hxxp:// Emphysema is a dangerous disease affecting the lungs. It targets the air sacs, or alveoli, in the lungs and causes them to over...
  18. N.E.wguy

    Crit Cheese & Auto#1s

    So I have a Crit Cheese is I think 3 weeks (june 14th), that's been under 20k lumens veg and i have been putting it in the tent for the 12 hr 1k hps and some sunlight. 23 hour light i'd guess. The 3x Auto#1's (aug 1st) are under a t5 (24/7) double bulb a week old. have another x5 of these...