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    Should I prune these? 10 days into flowering

    Hi! I switched the light schedule for these 10 days ago. I haven't done much pruning other than removing ugly leaves, and some low shoots at mid-veg stage. I've never had plants this dense before, not sure if good or bad :) So should I just lay back and let them do their thing, or can I put in...
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    Brown spots on fan leaves

    Hi, Would really appreciate some advice on how to stop the cause of these brown spots. Pictures below! I'm on my second growth now, after upgrading the light I'm stunned by the growth of these girls. But yesterday night I noticed brown spots on two fan leaves on my White Widow Automatic...
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    Stopped growing, what now? (pictures)

    Hi! My plants and buds have pretty much stopped growing for the past few weeks, and I'm hoping to find some good advice from people with more experience than myself. It's my first grow, so I'm the textbook example of a beginner. They're still alive at least! :) The sprouts were put in soil in...