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    The summer dry spell

    If there is anyone here from the big D area, can you tell me why we go through this dry spell almost every summer ? It will usualy last from 1-2 months. During this period, weed gets very difficult to come by. I can't wait till this is over !
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    Antibiotics to pass a drug test ?

    Guys, I have posted here on the cleansing formula from GNC, but I have heard a rumor that antibiotics can help you turn up negative. Does anyone have any insight into this ? By the way, the cleansing formula does work.
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    A Cleanser that works !

    Hey everybody. The drug test scare is finaly over at work, but I did pick up some knoweledge along the way. A sure fire system cleanser that works is "Cleansing Formula", which is vailable at GNC. It costs about $22 bucks, but you get 150 pills. I popped 3-4 of these with meals and tested -...
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    Drug test Experiments

    :D Sorry for duplicating ! See next post
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    I found this stuff in GNC. The guy said it is gaurunteed to work even if you're a heavy toker. Has anybody tried this stuff, and if so, is it as good as its advertised to be ?
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    I need some input

    Gtreetings all ! I have been a fairly heavy user for 3 yrs. now and have to piss soon. I'm about 20 lbs. overweight, but have been working out like a mother, running, swimming, sweating may a## off in the steamroom. When I piss, I will be @ 34 days clean. I have also been detoxing with...