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  1. Grownincali420

    excited to be back

    I've been gone forever, now im trying to make a comeback. the last grow was going MARVELOUS, and i got robbed. It's always a friend, trust no one. im sure you all know this, beginners mistake on my end. Believe me, he got his payback CALI STYLE. but anyway, im past that now, back on the site and...
  2. Grownincali420

    this is have to read

    so my duplex is being inspected by the city this week to make sure its "up to code"..meaning my landlord and a city official will be inspecting my entire spot..this is going to have to cut my babies at 5 weeks near tears on this one, but i dont know what else to do
  3. Grownincali420

    when to add molasses??

    hey whats ww grow is in wek 4 flowering and when is the best time to start adding molasses into the resevoir? here is the link for my grow
  4. Grownincali420

    mods online?? please help

    hey i dont know if theres any mods online but the pics in my grow journal arent working (the last ones i submitted)...they seem to be in the same format..i cant figure out the problem.. here is the link thanks for any help
  5. Grownincali420

    any experiences using these?

    I was thinking about going to the store to grab some co2 pucks and some liquid lead additive...has anyone heard anything or had any good experiences with these?
  6. Grownincali420

    liquid drops on leaves?

    ive got on a few random leaves, what looks like a droplet of water. now its hydro so its not from watering, and theres no leaks or anything like that. it just looks like theres a droplet of water on the leaf,its wet and semi seems to MOSTLY occur on leaves that are covered up by other...
  7. Grownincali420


    im in my 3rd day of flowering..and ive ran into one of those problems you get when working for the man...i was told there was a "payroll error" and i wont be paid until next week. a week late.. now the problem... like i said 3rd day of flowering...and i have no nutes to use for flowering...
  8. Grownincali420

    pre flower flush?

    im thinking about running my clones on straight water/no nutes for 2 days before starting my flower cycle..i was thinking that it could help the plants adjust to the flowering nutes if i flush them first...let me know what you think..or if this is common and i just dont know, or if its a...
  9. Grownincali420

    need help fast

    im staring my 12/12 tonight coming off my 18/ heres my question i want to run the light on from 5:30 AM to 5:30PM..right now the cycle is on from 2:30Am-8:30Pm should i start the 12 hours now and cut my lights out right now and turn the hps on at 530Am or let the veg light run until...
  10. Grownincali420

    HELLLLP early problems

    ok..couple days going now on my clones (white widow by the way) and i ran into 2 problems.. the most minor is my yellowing leaves.the first pics are of the discolorations now... these pics are all the same plant..when i put it in, she was rather droopy and sick. she's picked herself up...
  11. Grownincali420

    new grow

    whats up everyone..well my new grow has started as of saturday the 1st and roots are taking to the cubes and leaves are perking at the light. noticable new growth, and things are looking good for now pics. setup right now is a 400 mh veg light, 25 gal. res using top...
  12. Grownincali420

    light hanging?

    my sprouts are in soil far should i hang the light from the pot for the first couple of days
  13. Grownincali420

    first grow...

    my sprouts are in soil far should i hang the light from the pot for the first couple of days
  14. Grownincali420

    water schedule

    my seed sprouts just went in to soil and im setting my light to 18/6 right frequent should i water and for how long...right now there are only 3 babies
  15. Grownincali420

    seeds cracked like crazy

    i cracked my seeds in a small glass of water and the root just exploded out of the seed, i mean in 2 days its now about 2.5 inches and out of the this sprout useless now its out of the seed? im leaving to pick up soil now, but i wanted to make sure it was still good
  16. Grownincali420

    new grower..indoor..soil or hydro?

    whats up everyone,which method would yield me the most and biggest buds. i will be using a 600 watt hps light in a 2'W X 41/2'L X 10'H seeds are cracking..i just need to know whether i need to buy cubes or soil..sort of an a.s.a.p. question,i would appreciate any imput or help...