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    Found in alley

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    which one should i get

    Hey I cant spend more the 200 on a light I would like to get a 400w hps and these are the ones i found wich one is the best??
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    First grow

    I have one plant that is doing pretty good Im just growing in the closet right now til I get a grow room set up. Some leaves are curling up and down dose anyone know why?? Heres some pictures
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    Found in alley

    I just started to grow and today I went to my alley that I smoke in sometimes and I fond this it looks healthy and everything. Ill post more pictures later.
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    I did Shrooms for the first time

    Me and my friends did shrooms for the first time.It was basiclly a fun,chill,scary, then back to fun trip. I will tell the whole story if you want me to. Its long and alot of it would seem made up.
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    Lights in the Sky

    Did anyone else see this? This happened around 4:15 am Mountain Time. It was missles that were shot by the U.S from White Sands New Mexico and shot down by the U.S for some kind of test. I think its was a strange site to see. Sorry for the pictures their not the best. They were taken by my...
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    Hey Guys

    Hey, Whats up I been looking around here a fewdays now... it seems like a pretty cool place.