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    grow lights

    Started with mars hydro. Wasn't satisfied with the outcome so looked into upgrading. You should look into HLG or iluminar. Very good options for a 3x3
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    Do you use LED grow lights for your indoor cannabis growing

    Im using the iL8x LED right now. Never seen that one you posted, but looks like a normal quantum board LED. I think HLG is on the race on par with iluminar for quality/price ratio right now.
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    2000 watts in a 5x5

    Hi there JTDS, I used to run with a setup very similar with two 1000w HPS from iluminar. I tried adding CO2 to my grow in start of flower but I probably didn't do it correctly because I noticed no difference at all lol, but I have friends that have had pretty awesome results when doing it right
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    600 watt hps with ballast - WTH am I Doing!?

    Hi! This was the one I started with, went pretty smooth and just had to watch temperature Iluminar DE Full Fixture 1000 Watt 120/240 Volt C-Series with included HPS DE Lamp