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    Bonsai MaMa

    Lookin good man.
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    White queen - Lights out

    Looks good bro! Hows the smoke??
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    Hey smithgrown! I too got my hands on some spice when i was in cali. My buddy is in the navy n gets tested all the time. It dose not show up on a drug test. Spice is HUGE out there. 30 bucks a friggin
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    Strains for this year?

    Yea the videos on you tube look crazy! Just went and scoped some spot today in the woods. Stumbled upon straight gold! Cant wait to see these plants towering over me!
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    Strains for this year?

    Hey guys! Its almost that time again! Im so excited to start another outdoor season! Anyways, Im here for some input on the strains I wana grow this year. I am going to be ordering from the single seed centre because I dont really want 10 of just one kind. Plus anything I grow is going to be...
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    A Unique Observation about Resins

    Looks delicious!
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    The 3 Levels of a Marijuana High

    Wow i never really thought about it like that. Good post! Gotta go catch a buzz,or maybe even get Later
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    stoopid bum

    hmmm Id look for something strong. Cheer up man! Smoke one, and try n look for the poitive. Its never as bad as how it might seem.
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    Grandaddy Purp

    Looks good bro. Had some grandaddy lavender not too long ago. Will have to get my hands on some of this.
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    Cheap and Easy way to eat weed

    Just made 3 of these. I didnt have ritz crackers so i used Ate one about 5 min ago. I used leamon g with regualr pb, and it didnt actually taste to bad. The leamon went really well with the peanut butter. Ill post back with results! How should I store the other 2 untill im ready to...
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    How do we get Flavours??

    yea i didnt think that it was right about breeding weed and leamon trees. Thanks for shedding a little light on the subject.
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    How do we get Flavours??

    I have been thinking about this for a couple days now. How did we get strains to taste like different fruits? like how did my leamon g get a leamon head flavour? or why does Very berry taste like blue berries and raspberry?? My friend tried to tell me that a marijuana plant was bred with a...
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    Self sustaining hydro (no ferts needed)

    Wow. That sparks so many ideas in my head.
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    Can you help me find a cheap and small grow tent ?

    Make your own bro! Buys some panda film and some 2x4. I priced it out, its like 100 bucks.. Over a hundy cheaper than a tent that you would buy, and does the same thing. Just my 2 cents.
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    Chemo and Sour Diesal

    Ill have what hes smoking.
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    hash art

    Did it remind you of playin with play dough back in the day?? God I loved that stuff.
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    Growing autos outdoors this season?

    Im on bored! Ive actually had this idea in my head for a couple days. Imagine three harvests in a season!!!! Im def holding a spot in the garden this year for some autos.
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    Help me make up my mind......

    Hello my friends! Im so glad that I can come here and ask a question and actually get rational answers from pretty down to earth people. I told my best buddy about what I posted. He laughed. For some reason he still thinks that all stoners and growers are lazy fat kids that still live at home...
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    Help me make up my mind......

    I think thats what Im going to do. Ill go do my first tour,see how it goes. Its only 4 years. If I hate it I can stop after that. It would be nice to do it for maybe 8 years, bank up my money, and just be able to have a garden for myself. Then have the money to move to a state where its leagal...
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    Dog ate trimmings

    My friends dog absolutly LOVES to eat leaves. Think it helps her arthritous(sp)