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  1. cadlakmike1

    Been a while

    Don't know if anyone from here still remembers me, but it's been a long time since I checked in and I just wanted to say HIGH...
  2. cadlakmike1

    Just wanted to say hi.

    It's been a while, figured I'd stop by and see if I still knew anyone here. I see the site looks a little different than I remember. The thanks button is back!?!? Awesome! LOL. I'm about to start a new grow, was thinking about using those free seeds some of us got from the tude around x-mas...
  3. cadlakmike1

    Computer help!

    So I want to buy my Mom a laptop for Christmas, but I will be the first to admit I don't know much about them. I don't want to walk into bestbuy with the word sucker across my forehead. This computer will be used exclusively for email and bumming around on the internet, so I don't need...
  4. cadlakmike1

    Question about lighting schedule.

    In another thread( Hick had mentioned that 12 hours of light will nearly double the THC content as compared to only ten hours of light. I was amazed by that statistic, and it got me to thinking. Let's say you switch to a 12/12...
  5. cadlakmike1

    Anyone else sick?

    Title says it all. In my area, H1N1 is more prevalent than all other sicknesses combined! I am officially a statistic of it :(. Lungs hurt way too much to smoke, had to bust out Effin's old recipe. Dude, if you still come by the site, I am officially ripped out of my mind and I have you to...
  6. cadlakmike1

    Show off your pumpkins!

    So Halloween is fastly approaching, one of my favorite times of year! Outdoor meds hanging or curing, leaves are changing, and all the spooky things are starting to come out! I love haunted houses, and i still love carving pumpkins. Here are a few I carved last year, and I will post more once...
  7. cadlakmike1

    Rockstar promo code for livenation concert?

    I'm about to buy some tickets through live nation for a concert. They are offering some sort of discount through rockstar energy drink. I have tried googling my arse off but can't find the code. I even bought a can of Rockstar but it didn't have the code on it. Can anyone help?
  8. cadlakmike1

    Can pot help fix California’s budget? Ad says so

    SAN FRANCISCO - A pro-marijuana group launched a television advertisement Wednesday in California advocating legalization and taxation of the drug to help solve the state's budget woes.The 30-second spot, airing Wednesday and paid for by the Marijuana Policy Project, features a retired...
  9. cadlakmike1

    Happy 4th of July/Independence day!!

    I don't believe our friends on the other side of the pond recognize this holiday, but for all of those here in the states(and for anyone else that does celebrate it) HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!! Go to a cook out, have a beer, smoke some pot, have some fun!!! Here is an article on the history of the...
  10. cadlakmike1

    Just stopping by to say hi

    Hey folks, it's been a while and I thought I would stop in to say hi! Some of you might remember me from a few months ago. I'll be around off and on for the next few days. Hope everyone I knew before and all the new members are enjoying the single greatest grow resource on the web!! I don't...
  11. cadlakmike1

    Thank You

    I just really wanted to extend a thank you to all those on this site who have helped me, also thank you to the mods who make this site possible. It saddens me to say, I'm going to be leaving for a while. I want to make it extremely clear that this has nothing to do with any drama or other kiddie...
  12. cadlakmike1

    The history behind 420: A counterculture holiday

    I came across these stories and thought I would share, along with where they came from. There seems to be a fairly general consensus as to the actual history of 420, but I thought I would still share a few articles. hxxp:// One explanation of the...
  13. cadlakmike1

    I got a promotion!!!

    First I'd like to tell you a little background story. One year ago I could tell you; I own my own business, I love my job and the people I work with, I look forward to going to work every day, I'm more than financially stable. All that changed with the end of new home construction. With the...
  14. cadlakmike1

    UNBELIEVEABLE!! - >NL SS reproduces ALSO from the soil!!

    (Just know that this is intended to be a joke. Anyone new to growing please do not take any this seriously. This is not meant to be rude, it is supposed to make you smile and chuckle. With that being said, enjoy and feel free to post whatever you would like!) So after reading another thread...
  15. cadlakmike1

    Questions About T5's?

    I have never grown under fluorescent bulbs and I have a few questions. I have found a T5 setup for sale for $60. My first question is, is that a good price for a used 4 foot 6 bulb set up? I'm having trouble finding used prices and I know that it is good compared to new. I already own a HID...
  16. cadlakmike1

    I saved nearly $600 a year on my cable!!!

    You might also be able to save money, here's how I did it. So I have a bundle package for my phone, internet, and cable TV all through the same company. I have several premium channels and my bill was just over $180 a month. Money has gotten a little tight for me so I decided to shop around...
  17. cadlakmike1

    Forum posting and you

    This has been a public service announcement. hxxp:// change xx to tt
  18. cadlakmike1

    Check my math please

    There are 7.48 gallons in one cubic foot. I want to add 1 ounce of lime per cubic foot. I have about 4.5 gallons of dirt. So I want to add about 0.6 ounces per container, correct?
  19. cadlakmike1

    Tap water Ph help?

    How is it that my tap water's PH can fluctuate so much from day to day. It might be 7.2 today and then 6.2 two days later. I wish there was some sort of constant other than inconsistency. I guess I'm just frustrated and wondering what's causing these swings. I water with distilled water until...
  20. cadlakmike1

    Curing does increase potency.

    I came across this and thought I would share, enjoy. Does curing affect potency? The very short answer is YES. It does affect potency in a very positive manner. Curing cannabis after harvesting for few days to several months will improve the potency, as well as the taste and texture of the...