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    Name That Tune

  2. moth

    Name That Tune

    you got any more
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    beutiful man beutiful
  4. moth

    Name That Tune

    Ministry - NWO
  5. moth

    Name That Tune

    Faith No More Falling To Pieces
  6. moth

    Spread Some Love People!!!

    heres a pic heres the site
  7. moth


    just hook that timer to a 3 outlet cord one of the 10-15 ft ones that way ,you plug it to the timer and have 3 extra slots ,thats how i turn my fan aiming to the light ,one that stay on all the time to the plant
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    yea there actually cheaper now
  9. moth


    couldnt have got you this one for 15 bucks 4 timer outlets and 4 always on outlets 7 day timer can program 7 schedues on any day or whole week
  10. moth


    you aloud to order on the internet a link to a electronic timer 8 outlets 15 bucks each
  11. moth

    question about my exhaust fan

    not really bro, has to be alot less than the light .
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    Name That Tune

    yea man, lucky you
  13. moth

    Name That Tune

    sorrry bro,your to late
  14. moth

    Name That Tune

    mountain of love harold dorman
  15. moth

    I QUIT SMOKING CIGS "starting to go crazy"

    good to here bro,
  16. moth

    need some advice!!!

    check your resover,make sure the water heater isnt burning it,u totaly sure its your ph,marijuna is always worth saving,even though your plants in bad condition,you can still yeild a great crop.those leaves are going to die in flowering.have you treid pruning your plants ,they may be growing a...
  17. moth

    Day 12

    doing good man , had a question,are you sure your supposed to be running your ph so high ,has this worked out better for you,also tell me whats steps you took to germinate.did toy ue nutes when first placed in rockwool. recording some information for my dialog.if you dont mind
  18. moth

    Is it to late to grow outside?

    why would it be to late we just broke spring,i dont know your from new england
  19. moth

    Shout Out to "TBG"

  20. moth

    Best Concert Experience

    up and of the best concerts ever