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  1. oldsman

    It has been awhile!

    It's been about 5 years since I've grown anything. Life and kids took over for a little while. But with some encouragement from the Wifey I decided to go ahead and put some in the outdoors. I gifted all my indoor gear and not in the position to reinvest in more gear just yet. The strain I have...
  2. oldsman

    Blackberry kush auto

    A free seed. Started and will finish in 3 gal bag. Happy Frog soil and ph'ed water only. Started and raised under a "1000"w LED till about 2 weeks ago when I placed her outsider in the Sun.
  3. oldsman

    Recommend soil

    Happy Frog for me also.I can usually get through my veg cycle with just Ph'd water in 3 gal pots.I even clone straight in Happy Frog also instead of my seed starting mix.I find it feeds them as they root and allows me a little more time to transplant without them stretching or yellowing on me.It...
  4. oldsman

    light switch during flowering

    Seems like you're asking why the buds tightened up and started producing trichs after he switched from the LED fixture. I would think it would have more to do with the wrong spectrum being given off from his "cheap" LED. Switching to the 600 started providing the plants a more desirable...
  5. oldsman

    Hash from trimmings

    I've learned from a buddy that the colder things are when making it the better.He keeps his trim in the freezer,he uses empty pudding cups to make his ice cubes and always has water chilling in the fridge.Another tip is the colder you have everything the less you have to "beat" the material.He's...
  6. oldsman

    Red Spectrum T5 bulbs

    Hippy that's a 1969 Hurst Olds, not mine unfortunately! On this run of plants I had to use all my fixtures, 2 t5's and one 600w hps. Sowed 13 seeds and got 13 ladies so I just ran with it
  7. oldsman

    Red Spectrum T5 bulbs

    Just thought I would throw these up here.These are t5 from veg thru to present state.Some were under veg bulbs others under bloom bulbs,both 4ft 8 bulb fixtures.One gallon bags with Happy Frog soil,FF Tiger bloom,molassas and cal-mag.I kinda half-*** things but I keep myself smoking!
  8. oldsman

    Red Spectrum T5 bulbs

    I've had no problem using T5s for both veg and bloom.I have two 2x4 8 bulb fixtures going atm,one with veg bulbs and the other with bloom.I am currently using both for flowering along with my 600w hps and all I'm noticing is a little size difference.Use what ya got to get what ya can! I just...
  9. oldsman

    I need help

    How big is the plant? How old? You said she'll in the ground for a couple weeks now? If it was under 24hrs light then put outside into the ground she sensed the change in the lighting schedule and started flowering. Since our days are getting longer I'd say within a couple weeks she will sense...
  10. oldsman

    Going a long distance for the sake of genetics

    How do you plan on returning home with the goods?I can understand being leary of mail ordering seeds,took me two years of researching before I placed my first order.I think ordering by mail would be less risky than trying to smuggle them back yourself.With a package in the mail you still some...
  11. oldsman

    My Shed

    Didn't seem to harm them as far as potency,but size wise they've suffered.I'm going to give them a couple more weeks past their scheduled chop date and hopefully they will plump up some.
  12. oldsman

    Hamster's LED Flower Tent Thread

    Give Hammy a seed,a Mag light and a solo cup and step back!
  13. oldsman

    My Shed

    Thanks everyone for the positive comments.EsC,my flowering times are staggered and range from week 8 in for my Swazi skunk,to going on 5 wks for the rest.The Swazi is from seed so she has about 7wks of veg,usually I go 4-6wks veg for clones.This run I figured out I had a power strip that was...
  14. oldsman

    My Shed

    I don't usually flower with the T5 but had too many to fit under the 600, it works.
  15. oldsman

    My Shed

    I don't usually post too pics of my feeble attempts at growing because I don't consider myself a great grower.I can grow good enough to keep me smoking decent weed without lining someone els'e pockets.I just thought I'd post up a few shots of what I've got going in my shed,hope ya like.These are...
  16. oldsman

    Ruined entire crop... and why

    I think you jumped the gun! I've never had a male develop balls and be mature enough to open, you said in span of two weeks? I can usually let a male grow for a week or so till I'm really sure it's a male and decide if I might want to harvest some pollen. JMO. Either way it still bites you've...
  17. oldsman

    will plants flower as length of days increase?

    Hey Fish, I can say from experience that yes you can get 2 harvests by doing just as you are thinking. I've been doing it the past 3 years.I'm gearing up to do it again so I don't have to deal with lugging water in triple digit heat, grasshoppers and other annoyances . By mid May I'll done with...
  18. oldsman

    Larry OG Hamster cut 2014

    Great work Hammy! Way back when ya grew The RRF auto I kinda started to try an mimic your use of 1gal containers (not quite as well as you do though), but good enough to keep smoking good smoke. With some proper training, my 2-3ft plants will give me more than a buddies 6footer gives him. I owe...
  19. oldsman

    Low Heat Causing ( P) def

    This is my last little one left from outside season.She has seen some fairly cool nights,low to mid 40's.It takes a couple nights of cool temps before they'll show def.This one got neglected a little as I was busy harvesting others.I'll try to give her a few more weeks but low temps will be in...
  20. oldsman

    question about temps

    I would wait it out.You are probaly only getting the low temps for a few hours before sunrise and if she's in the ground shouldn't be long enough to effect her roots.It would have to get colder for a longer period before becoming detrimental.Growth will slow a little but at this stage might not...