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  1. subcool

    WSJ Article on Counterculture Clash

    No one would smoke a strain called Harmony :) Yeah Baby Wall Street mentions JTR To cool! Sub
  2. subcool

    Blue Berry by DJ Short

    Historically Blueberry is not a great yielder when it comes to Hash I have grown her before and actually bred with the line. Update nothing has popped above the rooter but I see movement
  3. subcool

    Forum members read here!!!!!!

    Hempdepot is 100% still in business with great pricing and loads of selection My DJ Short Blueberry arrived in 5 days Sub
  4. subcool

    benny tests his new room with Subcool beans

    Every hear the song wild wood weed? I just smile sitting on a sac of seeds :) A few seeds could start a movement you see..
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    New Article

    Thanks all, I spoke with Titan just after I sent him this and he said it made him and his Mom cry. If my dumb *** can evoke emotion then I am deff doing what I was meant to do. The part of the story I did leave out was how well he did with the clones I passed to him filling his stash with Urkle...
  6. subcool

    boiled peanuts

    I miss em so much. There sold on every corner in Georgia and in the fall on the way from Savannah to Athens to see the Dawgs play there was an old truck on i-15, old dude had the best ones I ever tasted and I aint sure he ever washed the pot he boiled em in. People not from the south just don't...
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    New Article

    I wish the best for this young Man,,and hope he smokes nothing but the goood Stuuufff. Thats on top of my list as well brother..
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    Fun Decisions!

    I have been yelling the same strain now for some time. Step into the Vortex :) The other strain I think everyone should grow out is not as easy to find. Sonic created a strain called Pinequeen that he is supposed to re-release here soon. Some of the best weed I have ever smoked from a seed. Sub
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    New Article

    I am working again with Treating Yourself magazine and I put together a story today that I am submitting thats a bit different than my usual reefer report. I have actually already done a report on the Killer Queen featured in the story you can view it here...
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    Amber Alert

    Wow I am surprized youd have something in your garden that my pollen chucking self had a hand in. Lifes so funny at times. Its also a very small world to me. Nice shot btw :)
  11. subcool

    Blue Berry by DJ Short

    DJ short is known by pretty much everyone thats ever grown reefer and is often mentioned as one of a few true "Breeders" around. I thought it would be a very educational thread for me to grow out his gear and see what results we get. I am hoping for a dripping Blue Berry female to enjoy at...
  12. subcool

    West Coast 2008

    I hated to hear of his bad luck because he was really blowing my mind with his updates. I did hear from him this year and hes doing fine and laying much lower :)
  13. subcool

    West Coast 2008

    I never did go back and update this amazing garden. Unfortunately the grower you see in the pics was tied up at gun point and these are some of the last shots he sent me. Lost his truck and all this work.
  14. subcool

    Querkle~ From the Beginning

    Yes 8 weeks is good we have gone out as long as 90 days though to grow monster bushes. Man I wouldnt know what else to do but talk and teach about my fav plant :) Sub
  15. subcool

    Attitude giving away Subcool seeds on next promo.

    I guess it was a great success because they went through all the promotional freebies and asked for 720 more :) Sub
  16. subcool

    The TGA Strain Guide

    I got a pm wondering if I had scrapped the A-13 BX project, No I am just a stoner and forgot to list it. It is right now our fastest moving strain. Apollo-13 X Vortex Representing thousands of hours of selective breeding we proudly offer our first back cross of Apollo-13. Pain staking...
  17. subcool

    The TGA Strain Guide

    3d is my next detailed report I started just 3 seeds and got 2 really nice females I will try and get that up this week. Thanks Chef I signed your book last week so I am sure its on the way to you Sub
  18. subcool

    TGA Banner

    Hey we updated the site with a cool new flash look but the banner is directing to the wrong place. Marp will fix it when hes back in monday I am sure I sent him a pm but for now just erase " TGALinks.html" from the end of the url to access the new site just until Marp resets the addy Thanks Sub
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    The TGA Strain Guide

    I tell ya chef you have never tasted anything like the green queen. I am not even sure I like it yet but its so damned different I seem to not be able to not smell it. Everyone has a different take on it, while I smell French Onion soup other people smell garlic but everyone agrees it is a...
  20. subcool

    Crystal Throttle, anybody try it?

    I am pretty sure a buddy of mine over from my old hang out Minitruckin created this strain using a Trainwreck mom and I can't remember the male but when I first saw pics from his seeds I recall being very impressed. There may be another strain with the same name but I think I am on track here. Sub