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    Experimental soil grow

    Sup guys and gals. Finished trimming the previous season made some hash. going to take it a step further and turn it into rosin tech. solventless hash oil or whatever it is. Anyways so the plan now is to start germing and vegging indoors under a bunch of CFL, might upgrade to one LED light...
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    Made some bubble hash

    Made some bubble hash the other day. took some close photos. There seems to be a bit of contaminates in it, (black dots) and some other misc items. Can anyone tell me what they think it is?, and how i can potentially clean it up. Saw some pictures online of bubble hash, they looked pure...
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    How important is cure before extraction?

    Hello, As I trim my plants, I'm realizing that one of them i would like to do iso extraction with. Everything, the bud and all. How important is it to cure before doing the extraction? its still about 65-69% humiddity in drying room.
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    Bud pic of the month

    So I've noticed the bud pic of the month has been the same for quite a while now. Whens the next bud pic of the month contest ? :vap-leafy_wave: :tokie:
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    Drying buds w/ PM

    So one of my plants has newly aquired PM literally all over the thing. This happened in the matter of 36 hours of 85% humidity in late flower. I have decided to cut the other plants down since they are just about done flowering, maybe going a bit short but worth it considering the weather...
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    Greetings , I meant to keep a more updated grow journal but i was very busy, but i promise to do a better job :lama:
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    Outdoor Medical Adventure

    Hi all, tis the season and I'm going to be getting some plants in the ground this spring. I have a nice area that gets full sun from dawn til dusk. The size is roughly 25' x 25'. Although i can make bigger if I need it. I'm still deciding on what I'm going to be starting from, seeds or...