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  1. oldsman

    It has been awhile!

    It's been about 5 years since I've grown anything. Life and kids took over for a little while. But with some encouragement from the Wifey I decided to go ahead and put some in the outdoors. I gifted all my indoor gear and not in the position to reinvest in more gear just yet. The strain I have...
  2. oldsman

    Blackberry kush auto

    A free seed. Started and will finish in 3 gal bag. Happy Frog soil and ph'ed water only. Started and raised under a "1000"w LED till about 2 weeks ago when I placed her outsider in the Sun.
  3. oldsman

    My Shed

    I don't usually post too pics of my feeble attempts at growing because I don't consider myself a great grower.I can grow good enough to keep me smoking decent weed without lining someone els'e pockets.I just thought I'd post up a few shots of what I've got going in my shed,hope ya like.These are...
  4. oldsman

    What to make of this?

    This is a #1 auto from Flash seeds.It's 18 days old and starting to show sexes?Just want to get others thoughts on the plant.It is in roughly a 3gal pot of Happy Frog with extra worm ****.Fed twice at 1/8th strenght with GH 3 part nutes.Residing under 4' 8 bulb T5.Any advise,help?
  5. oldsman

    White stuff on my soil mix

    I've decided to start recycling my soil.After collecting about 30 galllons of used Happy Frog I added bone,blood,cottonseed meal,worm casings,bat guano,etc...Checked on it today and there appears to be a white stuff,looks kinda like spider web/mold stuff.Is this normal?Is this just the soil and...
  6. oldsman

    A+ for Atttude

    Placed an order on June 8,recieved today.10 days to Florida ain't bad.My last order 2 years ago took an agonizing 23 days.Some of the freebies have my mouth watering to try,like Lemon Thai Kush,Thai fantasy(auto),Ultra Sour(fem) just for starters.Should make for a joyous Holiday season!
  7. oldsman

    I scored, I think?

    I've been looking at t5 lights to replace my old t12s. I came across an add on Craigslist for two 4ft 8 bulb Sunblaze fixtures, for $100 each in unopened boxes. I bought both! I think. I scored on these as a quick search showed them to price at about $230 or so on Amazon. I'm a very happy...
  8. oldsman

    PPM's for soil?

    Is it Just for hydro?Does pH and ppm's go hand in hand?I have some plants that are yellowing earlier than I would like them to.I grow in soil(Happy Frog)in 1.5 gallon pots,GH flora 3 part nutes,mixed to labels specs,with cal-mag during flower.Currently running 3 different strains and one seems...
  9. oldsman

    might be the dumbest question

    How does everyone measure their nutes?What do you use to measure it with is what I'm really asking.I am trying to use standard measuring spoon and spill as much as I measure it seems trying to pour from a quart bottle into a teaspoon.I was giving cough medicine to my kids and as I poured 2 tsp...
  10. oldsman

    Off to a shakey start

    I decided to try some indoor girls this winter.I built a 4x2 box in my shed hung a 600w light and threw the girls(3) in.It's not that easy as I am finding out.First I faced an electrical issue(not enough juice to run everything)which left me without a heater.Second,I over watered the girls that...
  11. oldsman


    I've had my girls under my new 600w light and they seem droopy to me.Under my old t12 fixture they were perky.The light is about 14" above the tops so I know they aren't getting hot.Temps in the box seem to be around 65F-75F at night and around 80F in the daytime.I watered last night so humidity...
  12. oldsman

    A problem with Power!

    I have a 8'x8' shed that I am wanting to build like a 4'x2' box/cabinet and light it with my new 600w.Problem is my shed is not wired for power.The shed sits about 75' from the main box for the house but at todays prices for anything copper I can't afford enough wire.My question is: my water...
  13. oldsman

    Mighty Mites!

    I think I have them dreaded creatures on a bunch of clones I was doing in my shed.The clones are big enough to go outside,will that be enough to kill them suckers?I am going to try the tobacco juice spray as well but are the mites able to handle the 100 degree,75-90% humidity of the outdoors?I...
  14. oldsman

    Skunk Run

    Hey fellow growers.I have been busy this year growing a few strains,mostly skunk.This is my first year at cloning and love it.In the past I was afraid to clip that bottom branch for fear of killing it and getting nothing,but I finally tried it and am not looking back now.In my line-up of skunk I...
  15. oldsman


    Trying to get an early start this year so I'll have time to plant more later to replace any males.These have been above dirt since Feb.14th and outside day and night for the past week or so.Got 1 Heavy Duty Fruity,3 Swazi Skunks, a few that are suppposed to be Orange Kush and some from seeds...
  16. oldsman

    Some early sex

    This plant has been above dirt since 02-14,is not an auto,has no alternating nodes but I swear it has BALLS:holysheep: .I have another one like this one that is also showing early male.Let me know what ya'll think.
  17. oldsman

    Black and Blue Widows

    Thought I would share a pic or 2.Went to move my Blue Widow plant,I rotate them every couple days or so,as I grabbed the bucket to spin it I felt something on my hand moving.I thought it was an ant and continued to set the bucket how I wanted it then started to knock the ant off my hand when I...
  18. oldsman

    Swazi Skunk

    From Seedsman seeds,about 4 weeks old.I just put her in the ground to see how big she'll get.She is in FFOF and will get Grow Big/Tiger Bloom when needed.
  19. oldsman

    Blue Widow

    Was a freebie seed from the 'Tude.Sprouted on 3-18,currently in FFOF soil in a 3 gallon bucket.She is already flowering.Let me know what you think.
  20. oldsman

    Growing a Bowl!

    This is my little runt.It is such a funny looking thing.A buddy grew some "AK" recently and this is from seed from his plant.I have 4 or 5 of these going and they all look and grow differently.I'm thinking the seeds didn't fully mature or something.What are your thoughts?As long as it'is green...