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  1. menes1

    Grow Tents .... Pros and Cons.

    i have got a homebox which is pretty good,mine is 240cm120cm200cm with 2 600 watts which get hot on sunny day. i got 12 pot hydro 3week in 2 budding and looking awesome keep up the good work! stay green
  2. menes1

    need info..on best feed 4 cheese plz

    i have just started growing for the first time indoors, i am growing the big buda cheese, i need some help in finding the best possible feed two get the sweets taste flavour and strong smell possible! i have been told that canna boost acceleratoris is a good one but very expencive, any one out...
  3. menes1

    im a rockie

    hello everybody, my frist day on the site!