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  1. Archer.isis

    Prep Work... How much ventilation

    I'm gonna use a 600W HPS in a 40"x40"X78" tent, and have the ballast outside the tent. I'm going to pull fresh air from outside through the hood and back outside to cool the bulb. A closed loop for cooling the light. How many CFM will I need for this? I was thinking about a 340 CFM ecoplus...
  2. Archer.isis

    One Part Nutrient Recommendations

    Hi Everyone, Hydro noob here; I'm going to start an Ebb and Flow table with homemade smart pots and coco coir in a 3x3 tent with an aircooled 600W hps. I want the tent to be flowering tent only, in a perpetual SOG style grow. Before I buy anything, I'm trying to get all my ducks in a row...
  3. Archer.isis

    Hi Marijuana Passion!!!

    Hi everyone, Newbie here. Have a few small grows under my belt, but I'm moving to a bigger operation and have some questions. I'm preparing to start an Ebb & Flow grow with homemade smart pots and coco. Going up to a 3 x 3 grow tent with an aircooled 600W HPS as my Bloom room. Hopefully...