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  1. BBFan

    lady bug larva, my favorite

    Hi Rose- How ya been? Hopefully they aren't these: hXXp:// End up with a houseful, especially when things warm up. I usually get them on the exterior of the house when we get a warm spell.
  2. BBFan

    I got a ? for my soil peeps

    Really? :confused2: Sorry, but just not true. While the heat may kill off any seeds from other plants, it will not kill the majority of insects, nematodes, and bacteria. Certainly an old compost pile is going to be loaded with life. That's what it's all about! Here's some interesting...
  3. BBFan

    I got a ? for my soil peeps

    Hey Hushpuppy! You plan on keeping those indoors in the "lab"? I'd be careful using compost as an amendment to the soil as you never know what's growing in it. It's one thing to make a tea from it for indoor use, but you may bring some unwanted visitors into your space using it as a...
  4. BBFan

    Organic Teas! Whats your brew?

    Hey Drfting07- You know, I always wondered why you were so big on the Dr. Earth products, but honestly I never bothered to really check them out. My local farm and feed store starting carrying a few of their products and I've taken a closer look and they certainly are what you've been saying...
  5. BBFan

    Organic Teas! Whats your brew?

    Hey drfting07- How you been? Sounds like your mixing up nutes rather than brewing a tea. You really need to add something that has some type of bacterial life in it- like worm castings, guano, or a commercial product like Espoma Bio-Tone. That's what will get the activity going in the tea...
  6. BBFan

    Medical marijuana passes (Connecticut) Senate

    Yes it did pass, but with a few changes- mainly regarding cultivation. They opted for a plan similar to New Jersey's, and Umbra can tell us how well that is going. Waiting quietly in the wings for my next move. :hubba:
  7. BBFan

    Making a Compost Tumbler

    Hi THG! Glad to see you getting dirty. Good luck with it. IMO you'll want to drill a bunch of small (1/4" or less) holes in the sides of the barrel. I don't think the tubes will provide enough aeration and the small holes will also help to add some moisture (from rain) which will help things...
  8. BBFan

    Rosebuds dirt journal

    Nice harvest RB. Enjoy!
  9. BBFan

    MH and Sodium Together

    I always run with both. I have tried just mh and just hps. Even side by side comparisons. Does it give a more balanced spectrum? Yes. Does it make a difference? Not much imo. The biggest thing is probably the loss of lumens of using a mh.
  10. BBFan

    3wks in FLOWER!!! When will i see buds???

    I'm thinking it may be the cold slowing them down, but IDK for sure, I've never had that happen before. How old were they when you flipped (or were they clones)? Looks like a slow start, but they're coming. Happy New Year to you.
  11. BBFan

    Blueberry punch

    Sorry to hear about the fungas gnats Hush. Talk about starting fresh for the new year. I hope the rest of the new year is great!
  12. BBFan

    where can i get LED instructions?(not for growing)

    Hey zem- I've been working with incorporating led's into our products. Everything we're working with right now is low voltage. I don't know how that would work for consumer replacement applications (we only sell commercial). They really are still all over the board right now as far as...
  13. BBFan

    The Winter of My Discount Tent

    Happy New Years Art! Looks like you got some fine fire dank to ring in the new year. now for the chorous....... I like to dress in womens clothes and hang out in the bars. I wish I was a girlie, just like my dear pa-pa!
  14. BBFan

    Soil mix help

    Hey Wet- Happy Holidays to you and yours! :) I often amend soil and throw plants right in it without a "cook" and have never had problems. Some things, like castings, offer up nutrients pretty quickly while others do take a while to start feeding the plant. At least that's been my...
  15. BBFan

    Soil mix help

    Hey IE- Cooking your soil is always better. If your looking to do a supersoil set up, you're going to have to let it "cook". You can cook it in a large bucket or garbage can (depending on how much you need). Just need to keep it warm (above 55F) and moist for the biota to do their thing...
  16. BBFan

    Too cold????????

    No it isn't. They'll be fine.
  17. BBFan

    I LOVE a FULL TENT!!!!

    Looking good bud. Nice and healthy looking.
  18. BBFan

    Happy Birtheday to THE HEMP GODDESS

    Happy Birthday THG to you and your son. Hmmmm, I always thought you were older.
  19. BBFan

    mish mash beans

    Hey Doc- How you been? Hope the backs doing better. How big is their final home? I thought you were going to run smart pots. Set up looks real nice and clean. Thanks for sharing.
  20. BBFan

    Bubble Hash & THCA/CBDA?

    Let us know how your next batch comes out. You going to do a side by side to compare?