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    Got Seeds

    Just a FYI, I ordered seeds from Seed Boutique on 2-19 and recieved them today ! YIPPEEEE
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    Hello :) I have a few ?

    :) :ignore: Hello everyone, Is there any:holysheep:one around in here that grows in the Great Pacific Northwest (USA)? I started my plants indoors and then transplanted them out doors the first part of june. They are all girls, but when will the buds start? Three of them have the 3 leaf thing...
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    Old Hippie's Outdoor Monsters 08

    Good Morning WOW ! My four out door plants are nothing compared to yours. I blame it on our weather, my vegetable garden is sluggish too.
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    ua 12 hours after 2nd hand smoke

    Soooo... did ya pass?
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    Why not buy a home testing kit . It won't show your levels, just a false or positive reading.
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    Tilling a plot

    Thanks for the tip. I have just the spot in my garden .....I can't wait. I have plans to mix a few plants with my raspberrys and tomatoes plants. Has anybody out there ever done that ?
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    cutting fan leaves

    I also had a old timer tell me to cut the fan leaves. I never did it except at the end of my grow, thinking more light will get to the lower buds.
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    Best munchie food

    No bake cookies !
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    Nirvana White-Widow

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    Nirvana shop???

    I wonder if it would help if you could mention this forum when you order?
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    early flower?

    Thanks you guys. This is my 5th or 6th grow and I've never had preflowers before.
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    early flower?

    Hey.. I have plants that are almost 5 weeks into veg and are showing pistals already. They are in 24/7 light cycle.I don't know the strain, but they appear to be indica.The plants look great! Is this a sign of a hermie??:eek:
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    Photos of my harvest...

    Be sure to give us a smoke update!
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    My super crappy cat piss harvest

    You guys make me laugh!!:)
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    easily obtainable prescription drug that may help for urine test

    This is interesting and good to know. I had never heard of this.I wonder what the make up of the drug could cause a false positve.I wonder if you take this type of drug everyday if it could possibly take longer to get MJ out of your system? It took over 90 days for my hubby to pass a piss test...
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    Cats pissing on my plants!!

    Let us know how it turns out.
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    Old Hippies New Grow

    Wow !!!!
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    HELP...won't flower

    What about your ventilation? Do you have a fan going?