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10,000 lakes music festival.


Test Monkey (Moderator)
Mar 30, 2006
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Hey all, My friends are in a band called Strut and they have been touring thier asses off around the country trying to make something happen, and it's paying off slowly. They played Bonaroo last year and countless other dates in the south-east. 10,000 lakes music festival is a pretty big one and they are having a contest to pick some smaller bands to play this year, out of a thousand, they made it into the top 30. I am not trying to spam anyone or annoy anyone, just askin' if any of you folks feel like it to jump there and vote for them, check out their myspace to hear their tunes first if you want. It's kind of a pain because they make you log-in to vote so no-one can just rack up the votes. It would be much appreciated, these guys and I all grew up together and we'd really like to see them make it. Thanks in advance.
Strut myspace - Check out "making symphonies"
10,000 lakes

You guys rock fer helpin' a hard-workin' band out.

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