1st real grow!!!!

Beach Bum

Jul 25, 2011
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Good Evening All!!

First of all I want to say I have been on this site for years just soaking up all the good info and enjoying the fruits of everyones favorite hobby. I finally feel I am ready to let the world into my grow and guide me through. THis will be my first real grow with some attitude seeds as well as a new cabinet. I am gonna do the best I can to descibe what I am doin and please feel free to chime in with all that good MOJO!!!

My new project is a bit bigger then my current cabinet.
Lets see...... box one(left side) will be my new flowering box 26"X28". I will be using a dwc as well as currently a 250 hps light( getting a 400 soon).
Second box 15X28 will be for flowering also with a home made dwc and eventually the 250 hps. Box three is 15X28 and will be used with my mini Cloner as well as a possible mother plant. THe last box (right) is 24X28 and will house the ebb and flow for my Veg and starter plants. I have a T-5 4 bulb light .

My next project is ventilation. I have a 4" inline and filter on its way for the two flowering boxes. As far as the two veg boxes I was just gonna do some passive vents and a fan in each one. I currently just have a samll fan in my Veg box with the T-5's and it does not get too hot mabey a touch humid but...

Last have a Burmise Kush and a Marley Cheese in its second week of flower, I have 4 clones of each working. In the veg box I have a Kalashnikova from greenhouse, 2 skunk berry ( seeds found in some sweet bud) and 2 Red Desiels from Barneys that just popped up. As far as nutrients I am using the 3part advanced nutrients.

OK let the growing begin


The Hemp Goddess

Ventilation is for more than keeping your space cool. Your plants need a continual supply of fresh air all the time the lights are on for proper photosynthesis. I think it is counterproductive to have 2 (very small) separate flowering spaces right next to each other.

If you are using bagseed, keep a close eye out for hermies.

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