3 stage general hydroponics flora in a soil grow?



need help what is the correct feeding or amount i should put in a gallon of water to feed my plants? every feeding or every other day? 3 stage flora gro, flora micro, and flora bloom. should i add fish emulsion too? and epsom salt? if so, how many tsp. per gallon?

im currently using sunshine organic mix. canadian moss, dolomite lime, etc
1 1000w hps & 1 400 mh
50 plants in 1 gal. square pots

or should i go with 1 tsp. of fish emulsion and 2 tsp. of fox farm bloom?
i also have flora nova bloom.

please help im not trying to ruin my first grow


Jun 2, 2006
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then u should def. chill out on the nutes.

if you are already planted in good organics you dont want to go over board with nutes.

if you have your organic mix and start using any vegative fertz or/and micro fertz, you will definetely not need any nitrogen rich fish emulsion.

and definetely no extra salts. salts can very quickly create nute lock and heat ur soil up (not literally)- and that is no good at all, especially with organic mediums.

your fertz will hold all the salts you want or need. usually only when there is a problem with your feeding do you need to introduce salts on there own.

i like GH flora series- its not as consistant though IMO, and some will run hotter than others.

depending on the size of your plants as well as how hot your organic mix truely is already, i would start off with 1/3 of dose per feeding. once a week until you are comfortable with moving up.

understand though that your plants are most likely fully taken care of if in fresh, fully organic mix. and you will be trying to pass the limit for even better taste and quality... but know that you are probably close to that limit, and dont forget that- especially if you plan on feeding all of your babies...

50 ladies is hard to get over if lost

let us know how it goes though

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