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Sep 1, 2021
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Alicante, Spain
What better way to celebrate International Weed Day than a good deal on cannabis seeds? This is your chance to lay the foundations for your biggest harvest to date – our 4/20 Sale is on!

From 00:00 April 18 to 00:00 April 25 (PST) you can buy some of our best cannabis seeds with great discounts, but remember: the bigger the discount, the sooner seeds will be out of stock. Don't forget to pay a special attention to our Dessert Mix, which includes our brand new strain - Apple Betty with its 33% THC!

Just like always, free seeds added to your order are on us, as well as other Herbies deals, which will remain active during the 4/20 Sale.

Go check out our full 4/20 Sale collection, and remember, the stock is limited!

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