dont know if this is a problem but i have 3 seedlings going in plastic solo cups with a 3:1 mix of soil perlite and peatmoss, theyve been above the soil for a week or so and they are like theyve been frozen in time, 2 actually came out of the shell casing and thats about as far as they went and they are also very light green, the other is growing up but the shell casing isnt opening, i was told this could be heat stress but i dont think this is the problem. if anyone has any idea please let me know, i dont want my babies to die


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Jan 6, 2006
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What kind of light are they under?
What is the temp. of the area?
Are you keeping that medium moist? I never had much success doing it in that kind of mix. The water always ran right through. No water retention.
You may need to make a 1/3 perlite/peat 2/3 soil mixture up. The soil would help retain moisture better. IMHO


sorry about that, i shouldve given you a little more info. they are under a 250w mh raised about 2ft the soil stays moist for 4 or 5 days so i think thats alright and the temp could beu between 80-85, not sure though i broke my thermometer while putting in another ventilation fan so it may be lower