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a beginner plan


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Jan 9, 2012
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hello. i thought id give growing a go. i made a weak effort last summer and didnt get the 5 seeds i had to germinate but that was probably down to over dampening the soil.

so i was gonna use attitude but the beginner friendly seeds all seem out of stock. instead i thought i would use nirvana. theres a couple of nirvana sites i presume this is the main one

im planning to get 10 kaya gold and 10 swiss cheese regular seeds. as these are apparently vigorous and beginner friendly.

i thought id give a few a go now in january. i live in the uk. trying a few in the greenhouse and a few indoors, by a window or under a normal light. just to be better prepared for the summer.

does all this sound reasonable? any suggestions?


Dr MadBud
Mar 27, 2011
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Before you pop any seeds you need to get a solid growspace set up. As Runby said, you don't want to try to grow outside or under natural sunlight unless you have a way of supplimenting it with artificial light. Standard lighting just will not cut it for MJ. It is a light energy hungry plant and needs tremendous amounts of lumens to produce nice buds that are worth the effort and time. I would suggest that you find a place that is about 1meter by 1meter or there abouts, and paint it bright white or cover it with mylar. Look online and get you some T5HO flourescent lights, I use 8 4foot bulbs in the 6500Kelvin spectrum (they are easy to find and fairly cheap). This will be for vegging the plants. Then you can get the 2700Kelvin bulbs and use for flowering but your yeild will not be as good as if you get you a 600w HPS light system with the vented hood or cool tube.

To do this you will need to make sure you can get plenty of fresh air to the growspace and vent out the built up heat and CO2 depleted air. Most of us here use the centrifugal fans and flex hose to vent the hot air out of the grow, through the light hood, and at the same time that pulls in fresh air from another location.

You will find that growing is an awsome hobby that gives great rewards but it takes considerable investment of time, effort, and money. Even to do simple grows of a couple plants can get complicated very fast. Do lots of reading, especially here on this forum as there is a tremendous amount of growing experience and knowledge among our friends here.

You will find that we care about growing and helping anyone who wants to grow for themselves. :)


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Sep 22, 2011
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Just a suggestion, but I would recommend germinating in a paper towel or dropping your seeds in a glass of room temperature water for a few days first and placing them in a dark spot to let them pop. if you cover the dish with the towel in it with another dish you won't need to remoisten the paper towel and within 3 days to a week (give or take a day or two) they'll start to sprout.

Like the others said, there's a tremendous number of people ready and willing to help out at all times, as well as a plethora of written information on basically any subject you'd need in regards.

Definitely take a look at a few posts before throwing anything together. You want to be able to smoothly transition from one phase into the next without a lot of hassle in preparing things.

The tendency when starting out is to overthink just about every aspect of what you're doing, so just sit back, relax and READ READ READ. you'll find out very quickly if you make mistakes the plant is fairly forgiving and eventually if you stick with the learning you'll be rewarded for your time!
Aug 22, 2006
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Most viable seeds will actually sprout in a day or two if put in between wet paper towels. If you let them go a week, it could be too long--I don't like the root getting too long before I put in medium.

I actually find most new growers underthink rather than overthink things--there is a whole lot to getting a grow set up. You cannot just put a marijuana plant in the window like you do house plants. Marijuana is a high energy plant and needs adequate light (and a lot of other things) to produce anything. It is going to take more than outside light this time of year to grow a plant (lol if you are in the northern hemisphere). Your lighting is your single most contributing factor to yield. IMO it would be a waste of your seeds to proceed as you have planned.

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