A Purple Kush clone came to me a little bit ago

May 21, 2008
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My question to you all is, hmmm....well it was a pathetic stem with the tiniest of leaves. Now, it has rebounded very well. Bleached one leaf due to the cfl being too close (...it is all good now). Which leads me to this: about how long (duration) do you folks find a reveg to be before you see new growth?? Would 24/0 be safe to do for a quick turn around (...say a week to two weeks)????. Can 18/6 work over a prolonged time instead???

The clone has the tiniest top cola, and as I read up on the strain it's clone-only (...at least that is what the database says. *chuckles and smiles*)

Making sure I wouldn't turn the clone to the dark side. *laughs out loud*

*throws up the peace sign*

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