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Oct 14, 2020
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I lost both my legs in the space of two years some five years back. In a wheelchair and doing great, happy and grateful for being fine otherwise.
It's not uncommon for amputees to experience phantom-pains that threaten to drive you dilly, at times. I'm sure most have heard it. It's quite weird having an excruciating pain in say, your right ankle. Or your big toe on your left foot, or knee. Not pleasant initially, when reaching out to the pain only to realize there's only fresh air down there. I don't suffer it often, thankfully, but I got dealt another card. Muscle-spasms in my two stumps. Uncontrollable knotting of the muscles still left there. The agony of the contracting and relaxing is not pleasant, be sure.
Enough of the agony and onto the good stuff.
No more than a year back I discovered that, before the spasms start setting in and getting themselves comfortable, I should set about rolling a spliff, welcoming them in, so to speak. The spasms give you fair warning that they're on-route. Believe me when I say that when I reach halfway down that joint folks, the first signs of a pending calmness sets in. You can sense that youv'e spoiled the spasms-party. Last drag and the stumps are back to normal. No sign of spasms.
So, Iv'e set about growing. A light-box with White Widow inside, and a beauty in a pot outside on the patio. The only problem being the rate the ***** outside is shooting up, she'll be way out my reach from the chair soon, Will have to get around that somehow, I guess. She does so respond well to good regular service.



Like this just keep new growth tied down gently off to one side and keep it that way

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