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Oct 12, 2006
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It seems like everywhere I look the solution to smell problem is always "a good exhaust system." Well here's a thought, why not just accent the smell?I'm sure for large growing operations accenting it probably wouldn't be very efficient, but for smaller setups it's definitly possible.

Recently, a friend of mine had given me a strange looking air freshner. It was in a tin can, and when I opened it up it had 3 little scented "pads." The smell was INTENSE! The can is about 3/5 the size of the round altoids containers, but the smell will literally overpower you if you inhale it directly. I decided I would set it in my grow area to see if it helped the smell there. I had been burning a type of incense called "Nuglicious" over the past few weeks because it was a lovely smell when blended with the plant aroma. Anyway, I set this can on the base of my circulation fan and left the room. I headed back not 5 minutes later and I could already smell it out in the hall. I opened the door and the whole room was filled with a rich cherry scent.

The air freshener is made by California Scents and it's called "spillproof organic." As the name suggests, it's entirely organic so there are no harmful toxins to affect the plants, and the pads are biodegradable. A single container is labeled to last 60 days, afterwhich you're supposed to flip the pads and use it in a small space like a closet, dresser or trunk.

I just had to say something about the amazing efficiency of these little things. My room is about 230 square feet and one can is WAAY more than enough! I believe you can get them at walmart for about $3 each. if anyone has problems with smell in the house, this will be your savior.

Of course it's also just as great an air freshner for the home or office!


Well we are always burning scented candles around the house and this seems like a great product. Just might have to give it a shot. Thanks man. :aok:


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Mar 29, 2006
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I have seen those fresheners you speak of and they are surely intense. I'll give it a shot too.

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