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Jul 12, 2006
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I have limited grow experience as I have grown outside once when a friend had to dismantle an indoor grow and they gave me 10 clones but a little late in the season (west49th parrallel) still it was a good winter even if the yield wasn't to potential:p .Also just a little more of my experience I had a setup where I had 9 mother plants on constant veg with a 1000w MH. I had shelves made with thick styro foam using Monofoam for "welding the shelves together" I had flouro tubes set in each shelf so the warmth from the light below was nothing but good for the babies on the shelf above.The babies were in 1x2 trays with clear lids I was doing alot of cuttings as I was giving them to a grower who had a large setup.I had very good success with cloning as I had about 95% turn out fine.However he got pinched and I dismantled as I wouldn't have trusted him to not mention me:eek: .I have decided that I want to do my own small-ish set up for now I have people whom I trust that I can deal with.
Right now I have a plant in a greenhouse that I planted from seed at approx the beginning of May.Some of you have probably seen some of my previous posts on other forums so sorry for repeating myself!By the way I would like to thank all of you out there for all the info!!! I'm compiling a lot of info so I can have a sort of bible of my own.

So this is my plan:

I have a outdoor shed that is already half way to being a usable grow space.It measures 6ft wide X 7ft deep X 6ft high.The walls are covered with white plastic(black on the other side) I have a dayton type fan for fresh air intake directly fom outside (mounted on the outside wall of shed).I have a standard bathroom fan for exhaust.I want to grow in soil as I don't want the hassle of disposing of the used grow medium or rockwool cubes.I only want to start off with about 9 or 10 plants but I want to keep a mother as well.The 6X7 space for flower only.I was thinking of using 3-430watt HPS lights with batwing reflectors("thanks for the advice Stonybud")This should do 9 or 10 fine without creating too much heat I think.As I'm not using the entire square footage cause I need room to work in there as well.As I have only grown outside and only veg inside I will need advice on light cycles, room temp(the difference in temp during winter months may pose some issues),and nutrient info.Everyone's 2cents is really appreciated as it will help me try different things to get the most yield from whatever strain I may grow.
Once again I appologize for repeating to those who have already helped me in the posts!(Mutt,Hick,Bro Grunt,Stoneybud,and all of you!):)

P.S. Has anyone used thes nutes(pics)I may try them on the greenhouse plant.




Whats up sandman. That sounds like a nice shed set up you are putting together. Can't wait to see some pics. I myself use the 24/7 light cycle for vegging it makes the plants grow faster IMO. As far as temps go i try and keep mine between 79% and 85%. I have never tried those nutes before.


Jul 20, 2006
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whats up sandman.
I use 24/7 light cycle also, and for the temp I keep it around 75-90. I also keep a fan blowing 24/7 to help move the air.

Now im not sure where i heard this but someone told me to pee on my plants.....any reason for this anyone?


Git "R" lit
Apr 19, 2005
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"Urine" is a source of nitrogen, unfortunately, it takes quite some time to break down into a useable source for plants AND should be dilluted, IF you so choose to use it. It can also help in deterring some critters. BUT "IMHO" it isn't a wise practice. It also contains a lot of salt, may have traces of hormones, antibiotics or other contaminates that youhave induced.

You're far ahead to purchase a quality fertilizer containing the essentials and readily available to the plants.


some peeps put alittle urine into the res. why is beyond me - urine is full of toxins that your body flushes out. do you use human shit fer a fertalyser?

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