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Samurai JAC

Jan 11, 2012
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Howdy y'all!

My name is Andy, but I'll answer to: Samurai, JAC, Jack, Sam jac, Andy, or whatsoever is good for you.
I'm a Medical MJ patient who is a newbie grower. I consider myself an afficionado of over 15 years exp smoking herb. I currently write cannicis reviews on and am a member and the self-proclaimed "ghostwriter/reviewer" for Maritime Cafe in Gladstone, Oregon on 99E/McLoughlin Blvd. next-door to The Stash, Gift Store and kaddycorner to BUYBACK$ in the same parking lot.
I also design "Medical Journals" for recording and logging different cannabis strains kinda like a "wine diary" or a "beer tasting notebook" but for cannabis, be it different strain types, hashish, vape. medibles, etc.
Also, like I said I review different medicines and write reports about the particulars using a "grading/rating/ranking scale" i created. It's a Martial Arts-inspired, color coded Belt Ranking System that rates the buds by how much they KICK ***! The scale is as follows from lowest to highest belt: White, Yellow, Brown, Green, Red, Purple and Black. Above Black Belt begins Degrees of Black from 1st Degree, 2nd Degree, and on up. Special conditions can cause the addition of "Hi" or "Lo" rank to any belt color (i.e.: Hi-PURPLE BELT, or Lo-GREEN BELT for example) which are further explained individually.
The Belt colors stand for:
WHITE BELT- Absolutely no medicinal value, equal to hemp
YELLOW BELT- Very poor quality, as in Mexi, or clippings for cooking
BROWN BELT- Below average buds, or shake best for rolling or extracts
GREEN BELT- Basic quality smoke, like BC'sters or average homegrown
RED BELT- "Fire weed" aka "Chronic buds", above average everything
PURPLE BELT- Smoke fit for a King! Royal quality! "The super dank"
BLACK BELT- True "Kick-***" Bud. Top shelf quality with all A-grade characteristics including: appearance, taste/smell and medicinal qualities.


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Dec 1, 2007
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welcome to the site,,,even though ya leagle grower like me..I would still not use My full name.....Good luck with your belts

take care and be safe:bolt::bong:


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Feb 22, 2010
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welcome to mp jac. i wouldnt mind seeing your wine list myself.:cool:

Samurai JAC

Jan 11, 2012
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You can check out my Cannabis Activity Journal online on my profile username is "Samurai JAC" on leafly. But for fun I will list here all the different types of strains i've reviewed since obtaining my medical card...
Strain Name ~ Belt Rank ~ Grams bought ~ $/g ~ In Stock@MC
Ak-47 Purple 15 5 N
ATF Black 1 10 Y
Barney’s ST Red 2 7 N
Blackberry Kush 2nd Black 2 10 Y
Black Domino Black 3 7 Y
Blueberry Diesel Purple 1 10 Y
Bubba Kush Black 7 n/a N
Chemdawg Purple 1 9 Y
Cherry Skunk Purple 2 10 Y
Da Kine 1st Black 4 10 Y
Durban Poison Purple 1 10 Y
Edelwiess Black 14 9 Y
Frost Red 1 10 N
G-13 Purple 6 10 Y
Huckleberry Red 2 5 N
Indian Korn Green 1 10 N
Indus Kush Purple 1 10 Y
Jane Doe Red 9 5 N
Kush Kreme Purple 2 10 Y
Matsu Black 3 10 N
Mazar Lo-Red 8 7 N
MC Blueberry Purple 6 5 Y
MC Diesel Red 3 6 Y
OG Kush Purple 4 5 N
Ogre Kush Black 1 10 N
Perma Frost Purple 1 10 Y
PC Indica Purple 3 8 N
Pink Panther Black 1 10 N
Purple Diesel Black 3 10 Y
Purple Kush Black 3 10 N
Purple Urkle Purple 1 10 Y
Raspberry Kush 1st Black 5 10 Y
Russian Frost Hi-Red 2 5 N
Russian Hulk Hi-Red 3 6 Y
Russian Willy Hi-Red 2 6 Y
Silver Star Hi-Red 36 5 Y
Siski Blueberry Purple 2 10 N
Skittles (ATF) Red 10 n/a n/a
Snow White Red 2 10 N
Skunk Red 1 10 N
White Korn Green 4 5 N
White Rhyno Purple 10 5 N
White Widow Purple 5 5 Y
W 4:20 Red 5 7 N

Extract Type ~ Grams Bought ~ $/g ~ In Stock@MC
Activated Bioavailability Hash 0 30 Y
Bubble Hash 3 30 Y
Earwax Hash 2 30 N
Hash Oil (liquid) 1 25 Y
Hash Oil (kief) 1 30 Y
Honey Hash 1 35 N
Kief 1 25 Y
Nighty Nights (herb blend) 0 ? Y
Vapor-Juana (Dognose Ltd.) 1 Vial $20 ea N

Medible Type ~ Amt Bought~ $ Each ~ In Stock@MC
Kandi Kraft~~>
420 Mints 3 1 N
Brownie 3 10 Y
Caramel Corn 3 6 N
Chex Mix 1 5 N
Peanut Butter Ball 1 6 Y
Rice Crispy Treat 2 4 Y
Skull Candies 20 1.50 Y
Suckers, Varied 8 1.25 N
Cookies1 3 Y
H-Bomb 3 6 Y
Nina’s Cupcakes~~>
Cupcake 0 4 Y
Trichrome Treats~~>
Cookies 0 3 Y
Lollypops 5 3 Y
Caramels 0 3 N

BTW: Thank you for the good advice. On further thought i'm taking the suggestion to not display my full name. So, Andy then. Or Samurai JAC, or whatever... Good advice friends. Unfortunately not everyone's as honest as y'all or I am any more, and the dishonest ones ruin it for the one's like us....


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Dec 1, 2007
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you a seed bank man:giggle:


Jul 25, 2008
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Hey Buddy :ciao: Howzitblazin'? Cool, welcome to the 'Passion.



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