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Apr 24, 2012
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I will just finish this up here with a retrospect on price,tweaks,general

As a person on disability(kidney) money vs needed is always foremost.I simply couldn't afford quality medicine without it killing my monthly "real" bills.I had always tinkered in growing,with all the results you would expect from not having the "basic" knowledge,mostly miss.I stopped wasting my time,researched,asked those that "really" knew through experience,and got to growing,with disastrous results.Full of newbie zest,but no experience.1st grow good,2nd lost,humidity,root rot.I almost quit then-this hydro is too much,self-doubt,sketchy equipment.I took time off,found a great mentor, and tried again.

This was actually my 3rd complete grow,while 4 and 5 where at different stages in my growroom(will get to this in THC Bomb,OG kush grow journal).Although all plants in one room where taken because of this accidentally pollination.

Ok,ok-marijuana stuff.This is easily done,from the numerous post just on here,even if not intentionally.If this was the only way I could get quality bud,then it can be done for less the price of an Oz. of most good bud.

18gal. Tote-free,wife crap.10gal minimum size for (2) plants-$12 anywhere

(2)150w hps mini suns-$65 eBay.i had these initially,now use them to supplement 400w mh in veg/stock /clone room(6wx6dx12h).Options are endless here-but if this was my only setup,for the money(1) 400w lamp ebay $111.00,more than 20k lumens for less money,are if can get 600w for $138.00,basic reflector and see even bigger bud,obviously.

4 outlet airpump-$28 ebay(several choices,all known).This is crucial if using a tote,a 2 outlet will work($10-$19),especially if just using (2)5gal buckets.

12"-6" airstones(relative to pump outlet and budget) (4)12" airstones-eBay -$8.99

(2)3.75 netpots,any smaller will limit plant,root size.$3-$5 eBay

Trchnaflora starter kit-$39-$45. I initially started out with this kit because of its good basics and price.Although look at other kits.(cont.)

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