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Accident thc bomb x green crack closet


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Apr 24, 2012
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Although this grow was accidentally,it will show how to produce quality bud on the cheap without a lot of B.S.,just common sense.DWC-18 gal tote,(2)hps 150w lamps,4 0utlet airpump,technaflora nutes(starter kit)w\supplements,(4)12"-6" airstones,10ft 1/4 tubing,these where all extras of stuff around(do it long enough) that I made the best of in a pinch..ah-closet space 2.8x3x8. Emphasis will be on quality,something I think alot of new growers overlook,get the basics down b4 trying 16 plants are whatever,this is just two that produced nearly 1/4lb of dried,quality bud.I will post this periodically with suggestions to make it better and cheaper,first one SCROG.Enjoy...

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