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Jan 18, 2009
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A few months ago I was purchasing equipment for a grow tent.

I have bought almost everything.

At the time I was going to buy one of those botanicare cloner's..

Yet, everything I read on cloners say, the water gets to hot with the pump located in the water. They were saying how there is a certain percentage of success but unsuccessful trumped.

I want to make my own since I have a 5gal bucket, pump, neo foam, net pots, tools.. All I need is the jets, pvc and fittings.

Question is, will a diy be any better than store bought ?

If I go with a diy should I add my fish tank heater to it?

reason I ask I saw a youtube vid where the guy used a fish tank heater and had great success do to the fish tank heater...

Is that true? should I use a fish tank heater or will the pump be enough heat to sooth the clones?


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Jun 2, 2011
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I made a cloner out of a 2 gallon bucket and lid and use a 40 gallon size air pump with a 6 inch air stone to bubble the water......... works the same as the cloner you talking about......... with no heat issues and easy to maintain and use imho.

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I'm with Grower 13. Make a bubble cloner and keep it simple. Another problem I found with aero is that the misters clog quite easily. I have tried aero several times, but have never found that it has any advantage over a simple bubble cloner like Grower 13 mentioned.

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