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    300 years old to be more exact!

    Fasten your seat belts, this one is a doozie! :eek:


    Anandakanda Recipe

    The Anandakanda is an Ayurvedic medical text from the 10th century which includes over fifty preparations of cannabis for the treatment of disease, most of them fairly obvious and straight forward. The extraordinary recipe below however, is described as being for “living 300 years free from any disease and signs of old age”.

    (Here she goes)

    Following it is almost as difficult. We have not (yet) tested the recipe below, and as it involves the use of mercury, the use of eight other unnamed herbs and three years of celibacy, probably never will. However this is is a genuine extract, which includes cannabis growing instructions, from an english translation of the Anandakanda which deserves a wider audience.


    For the cultivation of cannabis the soil should be free from stones, vegetation and sand. It should be black, soft and mixed with ash as well as cow dung. The flesh of the snake (I know a few reptiles on 2 legs) is to be used as a manure before sowing.
    Seeds which are kept inside the mouth of the snake and which are unctuous and heavy are to be selected for sowing in an auspicious day of a bright fortnight in the months of July-August.

    The person who has performed the religious rites like ‘nyasa, ‘acamana, should sow by facing towards north or east direction and meditating over the feet of his preceptor. Thereafter, water mixed with milk is to be sprinkled over the seeds. After germination, water mixed with ghee should be sprinkled. When tender leaves appear, they should be sprinkled with sea water. When branches appear, then the tip of the plant should be cut and a hole made there. In that hole, one gram of mercury should be poured and the opening should thereafter be closed with sulphur. When fruit and fruits appear, this plant should be sprinkled with water mixed with alcohol and meat. Then milk should be sprinkled for one fortnight. Thereafter, another plant called Jatamamsi (Nardostachys Jatamansi DC) should be tied to the branch of the Cannabis plant and it should be sprinkled with water mixed with honey. For the remaining days, this plant should be sprinkled with water mixed with alcohol. Thereafter four different rites are to be performed viz.

    (1) sthapana,
    (2) sevvna,
    (3) tantubandhana (tying the tree with fibers and
    (4) lavana ( cutting).

    The third rite should be performed on the 14th day of the black-fortnight of the month of February-March (Phalguna).
    This tying should be performed by a person who has taken bath, worn clean cloth, applied scents and flowers and offered alcohol and meat to Bhairava. Threads having red, yellow, black and white colors white colors should be used for tying.

    The Aghora mantra should be recited for seven days. On the fifth day of the light-fortnight, one should meditate on the Cannabis plant and she should be imagined as a deity. When the seeds have become unctuous, the plant should be cut, along with its leaves, reciting the above mantra.


    In a clean place, it should be dried in mild sun and then put in a newly acquired vessel. The leaves are to be made into a fine powder and kept between two hot plates successively for seven times. One liter of cow’s milk should be mixed with one kilogram of sugar and boiled. To this syrup, the powders of 400gms of cannabis and 50gms. of each of eight other medicinal plants are to be added and thoroughly mixed. After it has become cool, 500ml of honey and ghee should be added and well mixed. This preparation is to be kept inside a heap of grain for one month, every day of which mantras are to be recited.

    Administration of the Therapy.

    After one month, the medicine should be removed from the heap of grains and in a dose of 5 gms, should be taken by the patient. While doing so they should reside in an air tight house, observe celibacy(haha) and eat only milk and rice. This has to be continued for three years.

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    now thats quite the recipe. half the stuff in it i couldnt even
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    I would love to see this process in action, or live with the people that do it this way for a few years, and experience it myself :aok: Thanks for this read mate

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