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May 25, 2005
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Posted in the outdoor section yesterday:
In '99 I was in a convienence store in SoCal and bought a mag (High Times it just so happens). I handed a clerk a twenty and he hands me my change. I put the $ in my pocket, turn to leave and I feel a hand go in my pocket and take my money.
I look and walking away is a guy about 6' 3" (I'm 5' 10").
In addition he was in a lot better shape than me, and looked to be about 25 years old (I was twice that).
I thought about my options for about a second.
Should I get in a fight on the floor of a liquor store with someone who could almost certainly beat the crap out of me, who may have had a gun or knife, and who may have been high on PCP, for 15 bux?
If someone offered me $15 to wrestle with a drugged-out PCP freak on the floor of a store in downtown L.A. I would have turned him down.
So I did nothing.
I watched him leave and a few minutes later I left, and safely a block or 2 away called the police and reported it.
Because it was not worth $15 to me to end up beaten up, or knifed and lying on the floor with my blood gushing out of me, or dead.
Instead I went home, smoked a j and drank a beer.
Later that night I went back to that store to talk to my friend, night manager RayRay.
"Shit that was you?" he asked "the camera behind the counter here was smeared and I couldn't tell"
"It was me."
"How much did that ****er steal from you?"
"15 bux."
"Here" he says, and hands me a $50.

So it was either getting beaten up (at least) and STILL not get my 15 bux back, or let it be and avoid the danger (and in this case make $35.00).

And now I'm living up here in the woods and grow marijuana legally. The other guy? Who knows, prob. in prison or dead.

To anyone who's interested, let me expand upon what happened at the liquor store.

The guy who stole my money was part of a 3-man team; 2 black guys and a white guy, all druggies.
As I was driving towards the store I noticed someone (a white guy) peeking around the corner of the building. But when I pulled in I didn't see him so I thought ok, just another weird-o.
He was the "lookout" and the guy who would go through someone's car while the driver was in the store.
But it did seem strange. I sat still for like half a minute. Something seemed "fishy". Before I got out of my van I took my wallet out of my pocket (several hundred $$ in there, along with my i.d., etc.) and stashed it in a little hiding place underneath the dash. It was where I sometimes stashed dope.
This took half a minute and as I opened the door there was that white guy standing right there. Apparently he had hidden and was waiting for me to exit and probably thought I already had.
"What do YOU want" I said, scowling.
"Err-ahh--do you know what time it is" he asked.
This is a question muggers ask. They want to see what kind of watch you have.
I looked at my $20.00 timex and told him.
After locking my van and setting the alarm (something I don't usually do if I'm going in a mini-mart) I walked into the store. As I made my way to the magazine rack I notice a black guy hanging out next to a small table, talking to the clerk. That was the 2nd member of the gang.
When I went up to the counter, the 3rd guy, who had been over my the candy rack when I walked in came up behind me, took my money and started to walk out.
"HEY" I yelled and turned, took one step after him then thought better of it.
The clerk took a half-step himself, then realized he'd better not.

I called the cops on the way home and they asked me if I wanted to file a complaint, but I was scheduled to move hundreds of miles away in a few weeks so I declined.

But I kept in touch with RayRay, so I kept up-to-date.

What this team would do is wait until the clerk chased after the guy who took a customers $$. That's when the guy who was hanging around the counter would hit the register.
They had already tried this at 2 other stores nearby, a donut shop and a pizza place. Neither place had they got the clerk to chase after the big guy.

They got busted the next place they pulled that at, where a customer had fought back and the cops had been ready.

The guy who was hanging around the counter had a .32, the big black guy had a small leather bag filled with shot (a 'sap'. used to knock people out) and the white guy outside had a metal pipe.

They all were convicted on testimony and videotape. I never heard what their sentence was.


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Jan 6, 2006
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Ganja A lot of people will talk crap about that. but your right is $15 bucks worth it? hell no. Even if you were trained, any self-defense instructor would say. Let it go. Fight if you have to fight. 15 bucks ain't worth 15000 at the hospital. and getting cracked in the head with a pipe would def. cost that.

So no your not a wimp for doin it. Your smart and your alive growin herb in your backyard. much better than the alternative. ;)


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Sep 19, 2005
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I completely agree with your decision Ganja..$15 just isn't worth that kind of risk, not for anyone. There's no such thing as a fair fight these days..people always have somethin up their leave.

Personally, I'd do the same, "run away and live to grow another day" ;)

I mean come on...for $15? IMO you'd have to be an idiot to risk your life for that.


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Oct 13, 2005
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Dude...Wise choice GG! I would of done the same thing, F%[email protected] $15.00 it's not worth your life!!! Same thing happened me in Rocky Point except I ended up losing some White Converse (Chuck Taylors). Some bum is prob. wear'n them, hahahaha!


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Oct 22, 2005
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in times like that.....and yes i have been in some shadey situations....i follow my gut

if my gut says go....i leave....if my gut says stand up and fight....i do...

my gut is never wrong and any time i have gone against my gut feeling the end result has not been favorable

seems the gut thought right here for you

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