Annoying powdery mildew


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Apr 10, 2009
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So I ended up finding a bunch of plants on the property that were severely infected with PM. I disposed of those quickly.
Oxidate right up to day before harvest
Then sprayed the plants with 1:4 solution of peroxide and a dash of vinegar. thanks

Haven't sprayed them in a few days now and the PM has basically stopped spreading.

Your plant is heading into it's twilight,it no longer needs the fan leaves,and will start to cannabilize them,that is why fan leaves start turning yellow on healthy plants already budding.The sugar leaves are what is feeding your buds,also the fans are helping to spread your mold.I completely strip mine after budding and after about two weeks I have to repeat this again where new leaves have grown out.If you want to save these plants you must take drastic action

I've removed all the fan leaves that were infected or bunching up together.
From all the leaves I've removed from the plants themselves and spraying them, it seems like that was enough for now.


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Oct 14, 2015
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PM in flower. Wow! I know what I would do. Good luck in your battle but it gets in the buds themsleves. I have used safer fungicide and it works pretty well. You can also do a sulphur burn. Peroxide helps as well. I have successfully fought it back in veg but flower is another thing. If you do find it inside the buds at harvest try a green cure bath. But, you and whoever is still inhaling it into your lungs. I won't smoke it, nor will I let my friends.

Personally, I would burn it down and start over. Bomb the room and wash it thoroughly with concentrated (33%) peroxide. You also need to think about what caused it in the first place and keep it from happening again.

Good luck.
I have had good luck with Green Cure. I keep some in a spray bottle and check my plants every day or two.

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