Another Winner!!! The Yocan Ultron E-Nail


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Apr 18, 2014
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Wow, another winner. I can't believe this. I have always been pretty picky about the design and construction of commercial products and I almost always modify products that I buy at the store. But, I must say, I have been finding a number of quality products in the cannabis world recently.

I was looking for something I could vape rosin with and I wanted to go through a water pipe, not just air. I really loved my Seego VHit Glacier but it is strictly portable and doesn't filter through water.

After some searching and reading, I decided on the Ultron. They do have a new model but I liked several features of this so I bought it instead of the top of the line model.

I liked this model because is has a standard T5 (is that what it's called) battery and I can use any of the many T5's that I have.

The unit itself fits into any standard 10mm, 14mm and 18.8mm both male and female (nice design on the all in one fit) bong or waterpipe. So, I can use any one of my waterpipe/bongs with it. Or, I can just hit it dry straight from the Ultron mouth piece.

With the battery that came with it, there is no button to press. Just walk up to the bong and take a hit. It takes a second to get the rosin hot but the hits are just incredible. You can take as big of a hit as you can handle.... and, I take giant hits so you know this thing is producing vapor like crazy.

It came nicely packaged with a dab tool, battery, charger and several extra burners. Very impressed.

I think they retail close to $99 but I got mine on eBay for $69.

If you're looking for somethig to vape oil/rosin or whatever and you like it through water, I can recommend this item as much as I can the Arizer Solo and Extreme and the VHit Glacier.

Nice job, Yocan.


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Apr 24, 2015
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Is there anything more you can show us about the foil style atomizer? It does look kinda enclosed :/ . The dual coil is pretty run of the mill compared to other brands(most are wickless now). that thin Ti foil seems interesting. Let us know how long it lasts!