Any good books?

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Jan 23, 2006
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<SPAN style="COLOR: black">I'm interested in picking up a few books on MJ. It could be about growing or just related to MJ. Does anyone have any good recommendations before I go out and spend money? I just want to read for enjoyment and knowledge of MJ. Thanks!
"MJ Botany" by Clarke
"The Cannabis Grow Bible" by Greg Green
I agree with Hick on Greg Green's book "The Cannabis Grow Bible"
I also recommend "Cannabis Cultivation: A Complete Growers Guide" by Mel

I think these 2 books should be required reading. These 2 books compliment each other very well.
Oh yeah, almost forgot this one. It is not a grow book.
"The Gringo Trail" by Mark Mann

Book Description
With little more than backpacks and desire for adventure, Mark Mann and two friends set out on an expedition through Ecuador, Bolivia, and Colombia, submerging themselves in Latin culture. Through dense forests, daunting mountains, and pristine beaches, the trio makes its way — in a drug-induced haze. Soon the drugs become an all-consuming addiction that changes the lives of Mann and his friends forever. This is an engaging travelogue and frank memoir evokes the magical realism of South American literature. "Darkly comic, ultimately shocking, and packed with astute observations."

This is not the best book ever written, however I did enjoy it very much.
It is what I consider a "fast read"
Closet Cultivator by Ed Rosenthal.

Covers basics. from soil to hydro. good little book. (dont' take everything as solid unaurguable fact though). Great for the newb.

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