Any good ideas on how to pass the time?


Jul 9, 2006
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Okay, so I got this friend of mine to smoke weed with me for the first time. This friend of mine is a girl, which makes things a little more interesting, yet difficult. She never smoke weed, so this is a big deal for me and for her. I usually smoke with just my guy friends or if girls are present, they are stoners themselves. So since I smoke only with my guy friends, we usually do stuff that guys do, play some video games, go outside and play some sort of sport, etc. So what I'm asking of you guys is if you have any ideas of how to pass the time, that would seem pleasing to her. If it was up to me, I could just sit on my ass and do nothing, weed takes care of me, as long as I'm high, I don't really care what we do, but since she is new, I want to show her the marvels of weed. I live in Denver, so I thought that a nice nature walk or something that involves some awesome scenery would do the trick, but it's going to snow, or there will be snow by the time that we do it, so that probably won't be a possibility. So guys do you have any other ideas, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.


Get high as hell go get something to eat and maybe take her to see a movie or something. Better yet get a DVD and take her back to your crib. ;)


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Jul 28, 2006
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I'm a girl, so I'll give you a GIRL'S opinion on a fun first-time stone. Or, at least a few ideas.

Do you drive?

Since it'll be snowing, bundle up warmly and DRIVE through the scenery. Get another friend that is sober to chauferr you around for the day if you can't drive yourself. Get them stoned afterwards to say Thank-You.

All it'll cost you is gas money, so save up a few bucks and enjoy the benefits of a car with a heater!

Not only will your brains be entertained by all of the new sights, but you'll have valuble talking-time. To a girl, that's usually priceless.

Take her out to eat at a quiet restaurant afterwards. Those first-time munchies are pretty powerful ^_^

If you just wanna chill at home, get some board games or playing cards out. It's interactive and even if you both "get stoned and wander off", you can finish the game at your leisure throughout the day.

Or just ask her if she likes video games. There ARE some gamer chicks out there X) You never know until you ask.

Hope these help!



Bundle up well then go for the hike. Have a snowball fight. Take along some hot chocolate in a thermos. Or stay inside with a fire going in the fireplace and watch a trippy movie or concert. Roast marshmillows. LOL....wait, is this a romantic interest or no???


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Jan 6, 2006
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Show her the joys of the munchies. I know my old lady loves it when I make up some munchy food. Then bundle up on the couch and watch a flick. I'm sure you can figure the rest out. ;)

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