anyone try Earth Juice lline of nutes??


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Dec 29, 2006
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I've only used them in conjunction with other nutes. The plants grew Very well.

I like the EarthJuice stuff because it has lots of different ingredients and I think that is good for plants (although they do grow great with just one thing too). Another great aspect about EarthJuice is that it has feathers in it<<now that trips me out. yea, I know feathers have good nute numbers but feathers are also used for flying. And they are also one of the most evolved items that one can find on this planet Earth<<they used to be dinosaur skin? and now they are feathers?<<<like I said, this trips me out.

so i vote yes for the EARTHjuice even though I was a little scared of the taste feathers would have if I smoked them.

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