Auto fem stunted growth early now in flowering mode


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May 9, 2020
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Hey guys, hope I can find some assistance here with my first grow.

I planted two strains on the 25th March, both auto fem seeds, after germination. One is original AK, the other is auto blueberry. I was not able to get grow equipment before or even now during lockdown in order to grow them in a controlled environment unfortunately so I decided to grow them by my window sill with lots of light. I'm fully aware that window sill grows don't come with very large harvests and this is my first grow so I'm not expecting much.

My plants grew a bit 'leggy' and stretched out for a while, and wasn't sure what to do other than just dig down a bit deeper and carefully lower the seedlings leaving about a fingers worth of stem and plant above the soil. This was done a few weeks ago, and while they seem healthy now and have slowly gotten more leaves, they aren't getting taller and judging by the white hairs it seems to be going Into flowering mode now as a result of the days getting shorter / nights getting longer. So this is a little upsetting for my first grow but you live and learn so it's okay.

I have no way of checking ph balance at the moment, and I do have nutrients which I'm wondering should I also start using that now?

How can I get my plants to grow a bit taller, more leaves and atleast a couple grams of bud? Maybe 10 or 20 grams atleast? I have them in 5lt pots in some soil mixed with a bit of dolomitic lime and some river sand.

After this lockdown I will be getting a proper grow environment and doing proper research and going about it the right way.

How do I start/how often should I feed these plants nutes? Every time I water? I know i have to water when the soil is dry, so no problems with the basics.

I just want them to get a bit taller now and look a little less like seedlings.

The plants each have about 10 to 15 leaves each, but very small and the stem is still seedling - like and thin.

Even some direct steps and a plan on action here could help me understand the situation a little better and how to rectify it as best as possible.

I have attached images, hope it helps thank you so much in advance for your help and assistance!


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The Hemp Goddess

They are not flowering because the days are short, they are flowering because they are autos and they are over 6 weeks old. And as they are autos, there is really very little that you are going to be able to do. Do you understand what autos are and how they grow?

Autos grow on their own timeline and live a finite life. It is critical that they be kept as stress free as possible so they do not have to use valuable growing time to try and repair or recover from stress. Just you reburying these probably caused them far more stress than if you had simply transplanted them carefully. Although you do not want to repot autos much, you really need to start in a smaller pot and then transplant once the roots start filling the container. It makes it really hard to give plants the right amount of water and nutes when a tiny plant is in a container that is too large for it. Your soil looks a bit iffy, too.

You mentioned that window sill grows don't come with much yield...actually, window sill grows usually don't come with any yield--they usually don't even finish. The light is just not strong enough and there is generally not enough of it for even autos to finish. And autos really need around 20 hours of good light a day to do much. If it were possible to get 20 grams from an auto sitting in a window sill, most of us would be doing it.

Unfortunately, I believe that you are going to have to write this grow off. As you are finding out, it is really not possible to just set a plant in a window and have it produce. You may get a few grams, but I wouldn't expect much at all. I generally always advise people to have their grow space up and running before they germinate even 1 seed. If these were photoperiod plants, you would have some options and have time for these to recover and do something, if you got the right equipment or put them outdoors. As these are autos, about the only thing you can do is to improve their environment for what is left of their life and hope for the best. You need light. You need ventilation. Do you live in a country where you do not have access to internet shopping?