Auto-Flower basics guide


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Jun 17, 2021
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Andalucia, Spain
I found a seed left over from last year, and stuck it in a pot in late March.
It started making flowers a week or so back, so I assume it´s an automatic (though I don´t remember finding seeds in autos).
The thing is, it´s just over 6 feet high now and looks like yielding a great harvest.
Took this a couple of weeks back ...


It´s very fragrant now, and looks like it will be ready in a couple of weeks, and as yesterday was the longest day, it isn´t photoperiodic. It also has a good appetite for water.
I grew my first plant back in 1977, but I´ve never seen anything like this -- if anyone can enlighten me I´d be delighted.

As a footnote, a friend who has great success growing, recommended that I grow under partial shade, rather than expose them to full sunlight, and this has worked very well for me this year, even though we are only just getting into the really hot season.

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