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Autoflower questions 1st timer


Sep 10, 2019
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Can I use autoflowers in an outside planter? I'm in coastal Georgia so it doesn't get below freezing very often.


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Aug 24, 2014
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Hey BamBam -- Welcome to MP !-- I don't grow autos but I'm sure someone will be around to put U on the straight and narrow -- Seems like many do grow them outside in a container - I'm not on the Redneck Riviera but I'm on the gulf coast -- Over in East Texas -- I grow inside -mostly Indica-- I'm a cloner so autos won't work for me ! -
Again Welcome to MP !


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Feb 26, 2019
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Yes, you can grow Autoflower in a container outside. I started mine indoors in early spring and move them all outdoors and continued that pattern this last spring/summer. I use a 2 gal cloth bag made for container growing. I have even seen Autoflower strains grown in something so small as a Dixie cup, but the yield is rather small. Autoflower will sprout, grow and be ready for harvest (from germination) in about 8 to 12 weeks depending on the strain and genetics. They have improved the Autoflower strains genetics and some have some pretty decent amount of THC, and some have equal 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC and some even have high percentages of CBD (per their description).

I've kept my growing simple. Miracle Gro for the potting soil, 2 gal bags and use Foliage-Pro fertilizer 9-3-6 (1 tsp /gal water) for initial watering and then check the moisture in the pot DAILY when they are in their flower stage, about 4 weeks in, and use regular water toward the finishing. Autoflower seem to be mature when you have a lot of yellowing leaves, so don't go hog wild with the nutrients or else you'll not get the maturing yellow leaves at t he end.

20190616_172732 (Large).jpg

Purple Kush_CBD_1to1.jpg

This is Purple Kush CBD 1:1 close to harvest. It's actually hanging now.,,, was picked a while back



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