Ballot initiative in Mississippi to legalize cannabis

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Mar 25, 2009
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What is Proposition 48?

Proposition or Ballot Initiative 48 is an Amendment to the State Constitution proposed by the people of Mississippi. Proposition 48 will end the prohibition of cannabis in Mississippi by legalizing its medical and recreational uses and by allowing for the cultivation of hemp and production of hemp products. Non-violent cannabis offenders will be forgiven. Recreational cannabis will be taxed, regulated and prohibited for anyone under the age of 21, and the proceeds from these taxes will wholly and directly benefit Mississippi schools.

Though the aims of Proposition 48 are simple, its implications are far reaching. An end to cannabis prohibition will bring with it changes to Mississippi's economy, its healthcare, educational and legal systems, and its culture. The debate surrounding this issue is centered on how these implications will actually play out over time. Like every other issue, there are extreme claims and characters on both sides of the debate. And though it is true that this site is created by those who support Proposition 48, it is always our goal to present only those arguments which are grounded in strong morals, sound reasoning, and solid facts.

What follows is our case for Proposition 48. With an issue so large and multi-faceted, it is impossible to address every concern and provide every fact in a manner that is both accessible and concise enough to be managed in a single read. We know you will have follow-up questions and contrary opinions. We invite you to voice those questions and opinions at Town Hall Meetings across the state. Talk to your neighbors, families, friends, and co-workers. This issue affects us as a state. We only ask that, together, as a state, we give Proposition 48 a meaningful debate and our sincere consideration.