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Banned Please help!!!

Mar 18, 2006
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I was banned yesterday on for this link.

Del called me a poser. I have but only 1 name on CC as its the same name I have here DFG.
I run anonymizer as a grower to protect my identity while online.
It is my right to protect myself.
What can I do about this? I know I was only banned because I called Del out.
Which as I see it on a public forum we have the RIGHT to talk about how are mods are doing and if they are doing a good or bad job.
What do you guys think?


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May 26, 2005
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I don't know what makes you think that marijuana cultivation sites are
"a public forum"; nothing could be further from the truth. These sites are privately owned/operated and they can ban you for wearing brown shoes if they want.

And you have no "right" to post a critique on how mods are or are not doing their job. If you want to criticize a mod, go above their head to the site admin/webmaster.

You may suffer like I did when I first started doing this back in '00--I got upset when someone gratutiously lied/misled/ripped off, since I don't do it and I was taught it was wrong.

P.S. At the site you linked I did some reading up on a phrase I'd never heard before MoM: (mail order marijuana).
While this would be a FANTASTIC thing if both buyer and seller are trustworthy, I see many drawbacks when dealing with people you don't know on the internet.
-cops regularly post asking for people to "hook them up". It's an easy bust.
-mailing weed is more serious than street-corner sales since in involves the U.S. Mail (Interstate Commerce).
-you could be dealing with a legit person who could at any timne get busted and you may be surprized what/who people will give up when facing a long prison term or beating or worse by the cops.

In the 6 years I have been giving out grow advice I have given out real info (name and/or addy) 4 times, and 2 of those times it came back to bite me on the ass. I no longer do it and I suggest that you stop.

Keep your **** to yourself. Giving out personal info via the internet is like handing a rope to a lynch mob.


"Ganja Chickie"
Mar 11, 2006
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not that my opinion on this really matters but...didn't you step on a few toes last time you were here, maybe it's not the forum but ?? Hmmm, just my way of expressing my "public" opinion Thats my right, right? You scare me.


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Jan 6, 2006
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Time for Mod input...
I read the thing..didn't really care what happened over there this is here.
This is a private forum so to speak. yes the public can view it. but everyone on here wishes to remain private.

We have user guidlines posted in the coffee section. May wish to take a read. If a post is deemed insulting, harassing, racist, or violent it will be removed and the poster warned or banned. At the moderators discretion.

We also do not allow hook-ups on this forum. If someone is cuaght trying to get a hook-up on a post. they will be warned once, if twice they are banned. PERIOD. Want no LEO round here.

Spammers are banned and post deleted ASAP.

Before any banning or post deletion the mods here communicate with each other and admin. that way no one is doing stuff off on there own. Team-work to keep this place clean.

As far as the IP changer. Got a few in here that use it. but we did have trouble with one viscous poster that would come back under different aliases to disrupt and be malicious. that didn't fly to well. So as long as you use it for self protection no problems here. Just don't have multiple aliases. too confusing.

As far as your prblem over there. doesn't carry over here. So just leave it behind ya and post here. Just have a glance at the user guidlines in the coffee table to ensure that you are aware of the rules. Good luck and happy posting. ;)

Remember its all of you guys that make this forum so great. ;)

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